AEW President Tony Khan recently spoke with AP News about contrasts between AEW and WWE. He invites people to try out AEW if they’ve been previously turned off by wrestling because, according to him, it is “less likely” to insult someone’s intelligence.

“If you’ve seen other wrestling and said, ‘This isn’t for me,’ give AEW a chance,” Khan said. “It’s a lot less likely to insult your intelligence than other shows out there.”

After producing a critically acclaimed pay-per-view event in All Out, as well as adding stars like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk to his roster, Khan is confident AEW is on the radars of other wrestling companies. He is proud the brand is gaining more and more mainstream recognition as it grows.

“I’m a big wrestling fan and I would say, objectively, AEW is the hottest wrestling company right now. So many people who watch wrestling know that AEW’s gaining ground, AEW is hitting all-time highs,” Tony explained. “It’s helping us build new fans, it’s helping people want to take the leap and check the shows out. I’m sure other wrestling companies are paying attention to that.

“We have great relationships with a lot of wrestling companies that know what’s going on with AEW,” he added. “I think if you work in the wrestling business, you’re following what we’re doing and the success we’re having. We’re catching a lot of eyeballs outside of the world of wrestling and mainstream attention, so you better believe, in the world of wrestling, people are paying very close attention to it.”