It’s been over a decade since a WWE video game was released with a “General Manager Mode” (also referred to as “GM Mode”) included. This Spring, WWE 2K22 will reportedly see the long-awaited return of GM mode, according to

Sources to the website stated that this game mode is something the developers have wanted just as much as fans. And with the studio taking a year off between games, it was the perfect time to execute it.

“It was a top priority,” one source said. “The fans clearly wanted it, and the team knew that they add the ammo to get it approved and in.”

After SmackDown Vs. RAW 2008, WWE took more of a sandbox approach to the game with the introduction of “Universe Mode”. Here, you could fantasy book the entire landscape of WWE with rosters, champions, logos, etc.

This mode, however, lacked a sense of direction and purpose. General manager mode added ongoing objectives, contract management, injuries, drafting and stealing stars, and other beloved features. This gave the game mode a lasting appeal that hasn’t been replicated in WWE games since, even if they have produced quality games in the past like WWE 2K19.

“It’s going to become the most played mode in the game, I can say that with certainty,” was told. Another source goes as far to say that “the mode will sell this game.”

The return of GM mode is reportedly being played by multiple testers that deliver consistent feedback to improve the experience.

The full details of GM mode and other in-game features will be revealed this January by 2K games.

Stay tuned for updates.