WWE 2K22 has debuted its latest teaser trailer.

The new 30-second spot showcases everyone from Ricochet, Finn Bálor, Rey Mysterio, Bayley, Carmella and more making their entrances and hitting moves on their opponents. Drew McIntyre has his full sword and kilt entrance, and Roman Reigns is appropriately donning his Tribal Chief gear. Legends like Kane and Goldberg make appearances in the footage as well. The ‘It Hits Different’ tagline pops up over the gameplay before the WWE 2K22 logo hits to close out.

The trailer ended confirming WWE 2K22 will release in March 2022. This deviates from usual WWE video game drop dates, as past games have traditionally released in the fall.

As confirmed to Wrestling Inc. by WWE 2K, more announcements surrounding WWE 2K22 are coming this January including features, modes, and the cover superstar reveal.

This will be the first traditional WWE video game since 2019. The WWE 2K franchise pivoted last year with the release of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, an arcade-style fighting game similar to 2011’s WWE All Stars. Battlegrounds replaced the planned WWE 2K21, which was cancelled due to development issues. Before that, the WWE 2K franchise was marred with heavy criticism. The franchise’s previous installment, WWE 2K20, was tainted by bugs at launch, glitches during gameplay, and a multitude of other technical issues. The game was the lowest rated of the WWE 2K franchise by critics.

2K Global Communications Manager Al Stavola has previously emphasized WWE 2K’s renewed focus on the franchise, noting they are fully aware of the franchise’s current reputation.

“We think transparency is really important. We certainly are cognizant of the reception of the franchise,” Stavola said. “We want to show that this is a completely different and new step in the right direction, so we’re going to be communicating early and often.”

You can see the full WWE 2K22 trailer below, as well as the two official 2K22 images of Edge: