Becky Lynch (c) vs. Bianca Belair (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

“EST” chant to start the match off. Lynch offers a handshake, Belair throws a shot, misses, back elbow out of Lynch’s slam. She looks for KOD, but Lynch bails out to the floor. Crowd is fairly split, leaning a bit towards Belair. Bianca runs over Lynch, leap frog, but Lynch catches her and tries for an armbar. Belair fights out of it, but then eats a kick to the midsection. Lynch sent into the corner, and again, Lynch slammed to the mat, Belair with the running splash.

Lynch recovers and throws some shots in the corner. Belair sent into the turnbuckle, Belair with a tap to the backside as she taunts Lynch. She charges in, gets dropkicked, and rolls out to the floor. Lynch hears Cole’s commentary and doesn’t like it. She gives him a piece of her mind. Cole says she should worry less about him and more about the challenger. Back in the ring, Lynch ends up yanking Belair’s hair over the top rope. Lynch yells “I’m the best!” as she keeps Belair down.

Belair able to lift Lynch up, Becky slips out and just yanks Belair down to the mat by her hair. Lynch is in a real foul mode tonight, barking at the crowd, “shut your face!” She then chokes Belair against the ropes. Couple reversals, Lynch with kicks in the corner, bex-ploder, cover, two. Crowd really into this one. Becky with a sleeper, Belair slams her into the corner and then hits a suplex to break the hold. Belair catches fire with a flurry of strikes, suplex, rolls through, delayed vertical suplex, kip-up, and she fires up the crowd. Belair with punches in the corner. Lynch slips underneath and tries to pull Belair back by her hair. Belair fights that off and pulls Lynch in by her own hair, spinebuster, cover, two.

Lynch hops to the second rope, leaps and ends up getting caught by Belair. Fallaway slam, cover, Lynch gets her foot on the rope. Lynch tries to go up top, Belair follows, big elbow, Belair with a military press, Lynch slips out, into the dis-arm-her. Belair gets a foot on the rope for the break. Lynch again pulls at Belair’s hair, the two go out to the floor. Lynch ends up sending Belair into the steps. Belair tossed back in the ring, Lynch with a leg drop down on Belair, cover, two. Another second rope leg drop to the back of Belair’s neck, pin, two-count.

Belair out of the man-handle slam, looks for a vertical suplex, but Lynch gets out of it and tries for the dis-arm-her. Belair with the roll-up, two, and they go right back into the same submission. Belair lifts and slams Lynch down to the mat, cover, very close three! Both throwing some haymakers in the middle of the ring. Belair with the roll-up, two. Lynch tries one, as well, two. Belair with a roll-up, but Lynch reverses into her submission. Belair ends up just standing and putting Becky in KOD. Just as she goes to hit it, out runs Sasha Banks with the run in and attacks Belair!

Winner: Bianca Belair via DQ

– Post-match, Banks beats up Belair, kick to the face in the corner. Lynch thinks Banks helped her out. She goes for a handshake and gets dropped. Belair back in and takes a big slap to the face and a backstabber. Banks drops Lynch with a knee to the face and another backstabber. She stands tall in the ring. Banks heads to the stage and looks at the two still in the ring.

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