WWE Extreme Rules: Liv Morgan Vs. Carmella (Kickoff)

Liv Morgan vs. Carmella

Before the match starts, Carmella gets on the mic to gloat about her looks. She says her face is her greatest asset and opens so many doors for her. She knows Liv can't relate, but her face is what separates her from "nasty people like you." That's why Liv attacked her face and she should be ashamed of herself. "Listen honey, I'm hot...and you're not." Morgan attacks Carmella before the bell rings. She backs away and now the match is official as the two scramble a bit. Carmella with a kick, but gets thrown into the corner. Morgan with a splash and tries to send her into the corner, Carmella blocks it, but then gets dropkicked.


Carmella out to the floor, Morgan tries for a kick, nope, Carmella trips her up on the apron. Back in the ring, Carmella with a seated senton on Morgan, cover, two. She follows up with a suplex, cover, two, reverse chin lock. Carmella continues to work over Morgan. Liv showing some fight with punches, lou thesz press, running knee in the corner, big stomp to the mat, cover, two-count. Both trade roll-ups, no luck. Carmella plants Morgan to the mat, cover, two. Thrust kick to the face, cover, two. She's freaking out and thinks it was a slow count. Crowd booing Carmella. Morgan drops Carmella with double knees to the face, cover, two.


Morgan runs into a kick, Carmella with a triangle lock in the ropes, she ducks a punch and beats up Morgan on the apron. She yanks Morgan out to the floor as the crowd chant "Let's go Morgan!" Carmella tries for a kick, blocked, and she's sent face-first into the announce table. Carmella tossed back in the ring, Morgan hits her finisher off the ropes, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Liv Morgan via Pinfall

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