WWE Extreme Rules: The Usos Vs. The Street Profits (SmackDown Tag Team Titles)

The Usos (c) vs. The Street Profits (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Dawkins and Jimmy get things started as Dawkins blasts him with a shoulder tackle.Back and forth action until Jey and Ford tag in. Ford gets in some shots until Jimmy hits him with a kick from behind. Ford's ribs are taped up after that attack by The Bloodline on Friday's SmackDown. Ford out to the floor, Jimmy jams him into the edge of the ring, rolls him in, cover, two. Jey tags back in, double suplex on Ford.


The Usos continue to focus Ford's banged up ribs. Off comes the tap around the ribs. Ford is so close to tagging out, but he just can't quite get there. Ford flips out of a back suplex, Jey charges the corner, nobody home and he hits the ring post. Dawkins finally gets the tag and throws multiple clotheslines, flying elbow, flapjack, twisting splashes in the corners. He sends Jey out to the floor, Jimmy tries to head to the top rope and is met by Dawkins. Dawkins with a superplex, twisting neckbreaker, cover, two-count.

Dawkins puts Jimmy on his shoulders, Ford with a blockbuster, slow to cover, two. Dawkins gets dropped by The Usos. He crawls over to his corner, but nobody is there. Jey with a running hip attack in the corner. Ford jumps up and makes the blind tag. Ford with a boot to the face, Dawkins with a spinebuster, Ford hits a big frog splash, cover, two. Ford with more kicks, Dawkins tags back in, lifts Jey up on his shoulders. Ford slowly going to the top, Dawkins shoved into the ropes and crotches Ford. Big kick to Dawkins. Jimmy with an uso splash, pin attempt, two-count.


Usos both sent out to the floor, but they grab Dawkins and throw him into the barricade. Ford with a huge flip over the corner of the ring and takes out both guys. He throws one in the ring, frog splash, slow to cover, and it's broken up at the last second. "This is awesome!" from the crowd. Dawkins takes a superkick and goes out to the floor. Ford with a roll-up, two, and eats a superkick to the ribs. Usos with double superkick to the head, double uso splash on Ford, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Usos via Pinfall

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