AEW Star Calls WWE Crown Jewel A "Blood Money Show"

AEW star Max Caster commented on today's WWE Crown Jewel event, calling it a "blood money show."

"I'll take 'Things I Didn't Expect to See on a Blood Money Show,' for $500, Alex! Wow I guess EVERYONE loves the Acclaimed!"

Caster's image was adjusted to include "The Acclaimed" on the sign in the background. The actual sign was for Cultaholic's Adam Pacitti.

Starting with the Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE has been doing big events for the country since 2018. WWE has received criticism for putting on shows (that bring in around $55 million each) in a country with limited rights for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Although it has evolved over the years, WWE Women Superstars weren't included on the initial shows. Sami Zayn (who is of Syrian descent) isn't allowed to travel there due to Saudi Arabia's strained relationship with Syria.

You can check out today's results here.