Alex Shelley Says ROH Was Special To Him, Thanks Gabe Sapolsky, Sinclair, & More

As noted, ROH announced on Wednesday that after December's Final Battle pay-per-view they will be going on a hiatus during the first quarter of 2022 so that they can "reimagine" the company and return with a fan-focused product in April with the Supercard of Honor event.

It was also noted that contracts for ROH talent that are expiring at the end of the year will not be renewed, while wrestlers whose deals go beyond January 1st will remain under contract for a period of time.

Since the news, former ROH star Alex Shelley took to social media to thank ROH, Gabe Sapolsky, Cary Silkin, Sinclair, and more.

He also said that ROH was special to him and they helped put him through school. Below is Shelley's full statement:

When I came back from finishing my medical degree ("retirement, which I was very careful to never say) I wanted to come back to @ringofhonor. For the past few years, I have intentionally avoided contracts so I could have the ability to wrestle there. They put me through school...This doesn't make me special at all – but it does go to show how special ROH was to myself and others.

The first time I got booked at the Murphy Rec, thanks to @CMPunk putting my work in @BookItGabe's hands, I was just so elated. So happy.

No ROH? No GeNext. No Embassy. No Briscoes vs MCMG match when TNA didn't want us. No friendship with Dragon Gate boys. No singles against Spanky. No ladder match with the Cali dudes. No Jay White living with me for 1.5 years. No Bryan, Doug, and Punk matches. No meeting Gresham.

Thank you, @ringofhonor. Thanks @BookItGabe, thanks @ROHDelirious, thanks Sinclair, thanks Cary. You made my life better and by butterfly effect, I can now love wrestling, stress-free, and help people every day, like, literally help them heal and learn. That's priceless to me.

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