Backstage Heat On Charlotte For Segment With Becky Lynch, Escorted Out Of Venue

Charlotte reportedly has backstage heat after how the title exchange went down with Becky Lynch on last night's SmackDown, according to a new report from PWInsider.

Charlotte went into the segment not wanting to "look weak" and is being seen as the one to take things off-script. She wasn't supposed to pull the title away at all from Lynch, and it was believed backstage that she was trying to "one up" Lynch by making her pick up the title. WWE Official Sonya Deville ended up making Charlotte get the title.

PWInsider initially reported Lynch wasn't supposed to toss the title at Charlotte, but now says that part of the segment was supposed to happen.

As noted, the two Superstars had some heated words for each other, which happened in the gorilla position. Fightful Select first reported Charlotte was asked to leave during Lynch's dark match to avoid any other problems. PWInsider noted she was escorted out by a WWE official.

As reported earlier by talkSPORT, Charlotte left gorilla position without talking to Vince McMahon, which apparently he was unhappy about.

The heat on Charlotte is partly for disrespecting Lynch, but also pulling the attention of the segment in the wrong direction. WWE was looking to build up Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks and felt what happened undermined Banks.

Since there was no physicality, Lynch doesn't have any heat and is seen as someone who was protecting themselves after being pushed too far.

The report continued that Charlotte was "very upset" afterwards and some wonder if this is what prompted Andrade El Idolo's "Fu WWE" tweet that went out within the hour of all of this happening.

In regards to Charlotte's WWE contract, she has years left on her current deal and it's unlikely for WWE to grant a release to someone they consider an important talent.