Bad Bunny Says He’s Watched His WrestleMania Match “A Hundred Times”

During a recent interview with Allure, international hip-hop star Bad Bunny looked back at his memorable performance at WrestleMania 37 in Tampa. He explained how pro wrestling was something that began incorporating itself in his life at a young age. And even in his current world of producing music, Bunny credits pro wrestling for inspiring some of his artistic choices.

"I had the lucha libre [action figures], but I also had my own character for when my brother and I wrestled on our parents' bed," Bunny recalls. "I had my entrance music and outfit — a jacket that I took from my dad and underwear that we painted and decorated. We'd play that for hours.

"Truly, wrestling has influenced me a lot, and I've applied that to my career," he added. "The style, the importance of having a trademark move or phrase or look, and always remembering the element of surprise. In wrestling, the fans love getting caught off guard. I like to create that same emotion with my music."

Bunny actually took a break from making music to spend 3 full months training and working with WWE. The effort showed too, with the hip-hop star being widely acclaimed for his performance at WrestleMania this past April.

In the week that followed the match, Bunny admits that he would go to bed every night watching it back.

"It was like I died and went to heaven," Bunny said. "I've never sat to watch a recording of one of my concerts. Never. But my wrestling fight — I've watched it a hundred times. For like a week, I would go to bed watching it."