Brandi Rhodes Explains Why She Has Heat With Cody's Sister Teil Rhodes

AEW's Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes joined Busted Open Radio to talk Rhodes to the Top, the new reality show starring her and her husband, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes revealed she was expecting a poor reaction to the show's debut, but has been pleasantly surprised by all the positive responses it has received.

"I have to say that I'm very pleasantly surprised by the response to Rhodes to the Top," Rhodes said. "Everybody just wants to not like everything, that's just where we're at right now in the world. Traditionally, in wrestling, the reality shows have taken on a lot, but they continue to be watched and do well, so I don't know what that says about everybody. At the same time, I went into it with 'hey, I'm not really going to pay attention to anything that's being said about the show. Because it's just going to be the usual 'we hate it because it's not whatever.' And that wasn't the case at all.

"I actually was kind of bombarded with a lot of congratulatory texts. People from the network really, really loved the response to the show, so that kind of inspired me to go 'oh, I'll actually look at this then, and peak online and see what people are saying.' And the positivity was insane, it was crazy. I'm very, very happy, and shocked, and glad that people are enjoying it. And I will say that it started off kind of mild, and it's going to get rocking starting this week. So if you liked last week, you're going to really like what's coming."

Rhodes was asked if she had talked to anyone in the family about the show, specifically Cody's sister Teil Rhodes. While she has spoken to her own family and some of Cody's family, for the most part, Rhodes hasn't discussed the first episode.

"I haven't talked to anybody about it, to be honest," Rhodes said. "Nobody has talked to me about it. I got messages from other members of the family. We have a closeness with a lot of Cody's aunts. They reached out and said 'this is great. I loved it, can't wait for more.' My family, of course, they're super supportive. They loved it and they're looking forward to what's next. But yeah, I haven't talked to anybody else. So if you're question is 'did I talk to Teil about it?', hell to the no. No. We ain't talking like that."

Her answer led to more questions about Teil, who revealed in a previous Busted Open appearance that her and Brandi hadn't always had the best relationship. Rhodes did confirm they had issues, and told the story explaining why.

"I kind of don't really feel like she said anything," Rhodes said of Teil's comments. "I feel like she danced around it, which is okay. That's actually a pro move. I dance around a lot of stuff because if you taken a definite stance and say something, then you have to stand by it. So I think she actually made a smart move there and danced around whatever was asked. But yeah, Teil is not lying, we've had a very strained relationship since day one. I think I told the story, or if I haven't told it yet, I think I tell it in an upcoming episode of Rhodes to the Top, and I'll go ahead and tell it now. So Day 1, Cody and I have started dating and it was around the holidays, so it was very quick that we were going to get introduced to each other's families. I'm in Atlanta, we're getting ready to go meet his sister who has two little kids at the time and her husband. I said 'tell me about your sister, because I don't know anything about her.'

"So he launches into this diatribe on this car ride, and he starts burying his sister to me. I mean, just going for it, and in good fun let me say. He does love his sister and they're good friends. But he just starts saying silly stuff, you know how Cody is, he makes stuff up just to pop me. But I don't know her, so we get there, we pull into the driveway. He looks at his phone and goes 'oh crap.' I say 'what's wrong?'  He said 'I called my sister. And I've been recording this entire time. I've got to get her to delete this!' I said 'well it was just joking. I'm sure she'll understand.' He says 'no, you don't know my sister. If she sees this message, she will hate you forever.' Me, who didn't say anything?! I just sat there in the car listening, and then the door opens and she's standing there looking like a Stepford Wife. And I'm just like, 'I'm screwed. This is not going to go well.' And it never went well from that day. I don't know if Teil ever heard that voicemail or not. I'm assuming she did, but I feel like the voicemail was the curse of the beginning of our relationship."

While Rhodes understands Teil likely had reasons for being cold to her, Rhodes herself tries to not put that attitude towards new people she meets. She pointed to her brother's fiancée as an example.

"In theory, I feel like Teil probably felt like her reasons," Rhodes said. "Cody was young at the time and I'm not the first woman he dated. I'm sure he brought other women around that acted a certain kind of way. I don't know, I wasn't there. But you just can't cast all of the past on the new person, you've got to give them a chance. For instance, my brother, his fiancée, we get along great. Has he dated past women that I haven't liked? Yes. But everybody I allow to start on their own fresh foot. I don't judge anything by what happened with so and so from the past because that's not fair to my brother. And it turns out we, Carrie and I, we get along great."

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