Brian Cage Reveals Reason Why He Had To Cancel Indie Match With Buddy Murphy

As a guest on the latest episode of the Dynamite Download Show, The Machine Brian Cage spoke about having to cancel a match with Buddy Murphy on the indies on September 25th. Cage revealed that he got stem cells last month and that was the reason he had to cancel the match with Murphy. The Machine also spoke about a potential Brock Lesnar match down the road, and why he would like to face the 2002 Lesnar rather than the 2021 Lesnar.

"Brock Lesnar would be awesome to work with, he's so much fun," Cage said. "I would much rather work 2002 Brock Lesnar than now, this dude could have had a full match instead of German Suplex and then F5. The Buddy Murphy match I was so hyped on, I actually feel like I was more bummed that I missed that match. I missed a tour that week for AEW but I was more bummed that I missed that match on Saturday.

"I got stem cells in my knee which were voluntary, and I've got stem cells several times, and whenever I've had it before, you're always stiff and sore but it's not like, 'oh my god.' This, I don't know what the difference was or what happened, but I got it in my shoulders and my knees, and then a few hours later, my knees were killing. It was almost the top 3 most painful moments in my life. I ended up sleeping on the chair because I couldn't get up. I had Melissa take a protein container and dump the regular protein into a ziplock bag and give me the container and I would open the lid and piss in it because I couldn't get up. That's how much I couldn't walk at all, I felt like I was paralyzed."

Cage continued to describe the process that went into him missing out on his match with Buddy Murphy and missing out on the AEW tour that week. The Machine spoke about how the injury he had only lasted until the day after, but he would like to schedule that match before the end of the year.

"Come Thursday night, it's a little bit better but not a whole lot better. But I was hoping I could make the Buddy Murphy match," Cage said. "I didn't want to prematurely cancel on it, but I had to say something now because it's almost here and I can't leave the guy hanging. I told him and he said let me know how you're doing tomorrow night, and he literally waited till the last minute Friday night to try and rebook it. Friday was a little bit better and they even offered me more money to do the match, but it's not about the money. I literally will bump and I won't be able to get off the mat and over the ropes.

"Of course, come Sunday, it was 100%. I could've wrestled on Sunday. If it happened one day later, it would've happened. I've been so desperate trying to re-get that match, I've reached out to so many different people around, and there's one date in December that's possible to happen now. I really, really wanted that match, so hopefully it happens."

The 37-year-old spoke about potential dream matches he'd like to have with superstars in AEW and WWE. Cage also revealed his all-time dream match opponent who currently works in WWE.

"I'll leave Kenny [Omega] out of it because that's a given, I really, really want to work PAC," Cage said. "I would love to work with PAC. We don't have a lot of big men in AEW, but all the big men are good. I'm torn between Luchasaurus and Wardlow, which one I'd rather have a balls to the wall [match with]. I worked with Luchasaurus before and we killed it, he's super athletic as well. Wardlow is underrated athletically and I feel like we have more of a similarity to it. Either one of them would be great, and then as a third one, Bryan Danielson would be amazing. And my all time dream match has always been AJ Styles, since I started wrestling."

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