Danhausen Teases Jump To AEW Following Mass ROH Releases

Ring of Honor announced earlier today it would be going on a hiatus until April 2022 after its upcoming Final Battle PPV on December 11. In the statement by ROH it said they were looking to "work internally to reimagine" the company.

Shortly after that word broke that ROH talents contracts were not going to be renewed with some ending at the end of this year and others in March/April 2022. You can check out the full reports about that here.

ROH reportedly still has a venue locked in for a WrestleMania 38 Weekend event in Dallas next year, which would be the announced Supercard of Honor event that was mentioned for their return from hiatus in April 2022.

Danhausen reacted to the news by posting a gif similar to what Cody Rhodes has done in the past with the camera zooming close to him while he cups his ear. Danhausen adds his own twist to it by having the camera actually smack him in the face. The gif could be seen as him teasing a potential jump to AEW in the near future.

Earlier this week, Danhausen was aboard the Chris Jericho cruise. In one of the matches he teamed up with Will Ospreay against Orange Cassidy and Jericho.

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