Doudrop Wants To Be “Queen Of The People” In WWE

Just before she steps into the ring with Zelina Vega in the finale of the Queen's Crown Tournament tomorrow at WWE Crown Jewel,  Doudrop stopped by The Bump as she looks ahead at what might be a startling moment in her career since arriving on the main roster.

"This is my first huge tournament. It's definitely the biggest match of my career so far. I'm kind of caught up with excitement and anticipation and a little bit of nervousness, which I know is a good thing because you always want that nervousness so you can keep on your toes. Excitement is the predominant feeling right now," Doudrop revealed as she prepares for tomorrow's showing.

While she sees herself with a sunny disposition heading into this contest, Doudrop said she can see similarities between her and Vega on how crafty they can be in the ring.

"When people look at me, and they look at Zelina Vega, they think we couldn't be any farther apart, which I don't think is true at all. I think we have something very important in common, which as we know looks can be extremely deceiving," Doudrop mentioned when comparing herself to Vega. "She may only be 5'0", but it's five-foot of pure fury. She is as fiery as they come, so I will have to watch out for her."

Should she win, the panel asked if she's taken any time to think about what her reign might look like. Doudrop replied she'd like to have a vibrant rulership that would focus strictly on the people and their needs and desires.

"Yeah, I think it would be a very colorful and bubbly reign," Doudrop answered. "I wouldn't put myself down as a tyrant at all. I would say that I'm the Queen of the people."

If things work out in Doudrops favor tomorrow, she hopes this first-ever opportunity will propel her towards a shot at any or all of the WWE women's championships.

"I think this is really what could be the beginning of my legacy here in WWE," Doudrop proclaimed. "What a way to start by being the first-ever Queen's Crown Tournament winner. To be the winner, it means that your name lives on in history forever. That's certainly a prize I want my name on."

You can watch Doudrop's full interview below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE's The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.