Drew McIntyre Wants Tyson Fury Match For Potential WWE UK PPV

Former WWE Champion and new member of SmackDown, Drew McIntyre, recently spoke with Sportskeeda to discuss his ongoing desire for another WWE pay-per-view to take place in the UK.

He notes how SummerSlam 2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of a major WWE event being held in the UK, despite pay-per-views like No Mercy, Insurrextion, and others taking place in the UK during the 90's and early 2000's.

"I've not stopped talking about it for the last 10 years. Especially since the last year and half since I became the WWE Champion, I've been fortunate to have a lot of media opportunities. Any chance I get, I talk about it. The UK is such a significant market for us, the fans are so passionate and rabid as everybody knows when you watch TV from the UK. They deserve a significant PPV. There hasn't been one since SummerSlam 1992. Next year will be the 30th anniversary – I've been pushing, and pushing, and pushing it," McIntyre said.

"The Scottish Warrior" even goes as far as saying it will be one of his "greatest achievements" if he does get the higher-ups in WWE to book a major event in the UK. At the top of the card, McIntyre wants a match with someone he's been wanting to step in the ring with for a long time – Tyson Fury.

"I'll be so proud when it does happen. If I had anything to do with it, it'll be one of my greatest achievements. And if it takes a big match like Drew McIntyre vs. Tyson Fury to draw the eyeballs of lapsed fans or new fans to WWE within the UK, then let's do it," Drew stated. "Whatever we have to do to make it happen, I'm all about that."