EJ Nduka Comments On MLW Fightland Airing After Dark Side Of The Ring

As reported earlier, MLW Fightland will air as a one-hour Vice TV special on Thursday, Oct. 7 at 10pm ET, immediately following a Dark Side of the Ring episode.

With the popular DSOTR as a lead-in, many expect MLW Fightland to be watched by a host of first-time viewers. MLW star EJ Nduka, a.k.a. Ezra Judge, is excited at the prospect of MLW gaining new fans.


"These are major moves from major places," Nduka said on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. "MLW is coming right after Dark Side of the Ring, so think about the demographic of people that are going to be exposed to MLW for the first time. It's going to be a unique and amazing opportunity for us."

Although Nduka has yet to be advertised for a match at Fightland, he plans to make an impact nonetheless.

"If anybody wants to see me at the show, I'm issuing an open challenge right now," Nduka said. "You want me? The Judge is ready. And I think that because we're going to be on Vice TV, it'll be a great opportunity for us to show the caliber of athletes we have backstage – myself being one of them."


When asked to comment on the highly-anticipated Title vs. Title main event between MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu and MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone, Nduka said: "They are both in my crosshairs right now. The Judge is always watching – you better believe it. It doesn't matter what match it is, I'm watching and taking notes."

When asked if he was disappointed to not make the cut for the Opera Cup, Nduka said he wasn't disheartened since he expects to receive more opportunities to exhibit his skills.

"I think Alex Shelley took the last spot," Nduka said. "But, you know, being in the Opera Cup would have been a great opportunity to show the world of how capable and versatile I am inside the ring. I mean, I already did at the Battle Riot but you can never stop."

Nduka made his MLW debut at Battle Riot III on July 10 this year.

You can follow EJ on Twitter @EJTheJudge

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