Impact Wrestling Results (10/7): Tag Team Main Event, Mercedes Martinez Debuts, More

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Tonight's the go-home show for Knockouts Knockdown, which airs this Saturday on Impact Plus!

** Before tonight's show, Laredo Kid defeated Matthew Rehwoldt  **

D'Lo Brown and Josh Mathews welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a trios tag match!

Bullet Club (Chris Bey, Hikuleo & El Phantasmo) vs. FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) & Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin and Chris Bey kick off this big fight feel with a tie-up. Bey backs Sabin into the corner. Surprisingly, he breaks the hold cleanly. Sabin and Bey trade Irish Whips. Bey sends Sabin over with a standing sunset flip. Both men jump to their feet and get a major applause. Juice Robinson and El Phantasmo are in and ready to square off. The Impact Tag Team Champs Good Brothers are watching on a dual monitor. Robinson mocks ELP after hitting an inverted atomic drop. Robinson stays on top of him with a jumping senton. Robinson drags ELP with him while making a take to David Finlay. Finlay almost loses his balance coming down from the top with a double axe handle.

Sabin is tagged back in and continues to ground ELP. Sabin makes a quick tag to Robinson. Robinson rocks ELP and Bey with double jabs. Bey and ELP take The Flamboyant off his feet. Bey brings ELP back in. ELP holds Robinson down while Hikuleo drops off the top with a back rake. Hikuleo and Finlay are the legal men. Finlay gets caught mid-air after jumping off the middle rope with a crossbody. Hikuleo slams Finlay to the canvas and gets ELP back in. Finlay hits a devastating neckbreaker to ELP and a massive backbreaker on Bey. Sabin runs in with an assisted DDT on Bey and ELP. FinJuice and Sabin fly out of the ring with triple pescados!

Back in the ring, Robinson crashes into Bey in the corner with a cannonball. Cover. ELP breaks it up. Hikuleo chokeslams Sabin. Bey stacks Sabin up. 1-2, Sabin wiggles out. ELP connects Sudden Death (superkick) on Robinson. In the ring, Sabin is rolling. Sabin stacks Bey for two. ELP hits a low blow on Sabin as Sabin hoists Bey up for Cradle Shock. Bey hits The Art of Finesse on Sabin to pick up the opening match win.

Winners: Bullet Club

-An ad for Knockouts Knockdown is shown. This will air on Saturday on Impact Plus.

Backstage: Josh Alexander is standing by with Gia Miller. He will be tagging with Impact World Champion Christian Cage later tonight. Alexander calls himself the wild card going into their match at Bound For Glory. But tonight, he hopes Cage watches what he can do in their tag match.

- Josh Mathews and D'Lo Brown run through the matches still to come tonight, and the exciting bouts set for Knockouts Knockdown including the opening-round brackets that were announced earlier today.

We head back to the ring to hear what Heath has to say!

Heath Addresses the Impact Zone:

The fans all chant "Welcome back" at Heath. He smiles and tells them welcome back. He's glad to see fans in the audience again. He revisits the long and difficult year he's had sitting on the sidelines with an injury. He says his wife and children were great nurses who helped speed up his recovery process. One thing that bothered him was how things ended with Rhino. Heath is not a fan of Violent By Design. He believes they brainwashed his friend. He calls out Rhino so they can talk face-to-face. It isn't Rhino who comes out. It's VBD instead.

Eric Young says he made Rhino stronger, and now, he does the talking for him. The fans all chant, "You're not Rhino." Heath says Rhino belongs to no one. Young mentions the Rhino he once tagged with and built a brotherhood with is gone. Young wants Heath to leave his ring now. Heath refuses. VBD step in and lay a 3-on-1 beatdown on him. They lay their flag on top of Heath's lifeless body.

Backstage: Willie Mack is hopeful about his spot in the X-Division Title Tournament. He will face Rohit Raju and El Phantasmo. Brain Myers' Learning Tree (Manny Lemons and Zicky Dice) steps in and taunts Mack and Rich Swann. Swann is going to try and get a match with them tonight. Brian Myers thinks Lemons and Dice did a dumb thing trying to stick their nose in Mack and Swann's business. He refuses to be in their corner or watch their matchup later tonight.

Up next, Mercedes Martinez will make her Impact Wrestling debut!

Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans & Mercedes Martinez vs. Kimber Lee, Brandi Lauren & Lady Frost

Mercedes Martinez and Lady Frost begin with a tightly gripped collar and elbow lock up. Lady Frost drives Martinez down on the mat with an arm drag from off the top. Once Martinez is up, she decks Frost across the face. She makes a tag to Savannah Evans. Lady Frost looks to Brandi Lauren for a tag. Evans is laying a choke on Brandi just before we head to commercial.

Back from the break, Tasha Steelz is on top of Brandi Lauren. Steelz hooks Lauren's leg; Lauren kicks out. Savannah Evans and Steelz trade rapid tags. Mercedes Martinez flashes an irritated chuckle. The fans want Mercedes in. Brandi tags Kimber Lee in. Kimber sends Steelz for a ride with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Lee covers. Evans runs in and breaks it up. Mercedes charges in with a butterfly suplex. Unfortunately, she can't cover for the pin since she isn't the legal woman. Steelz, the legal contender, slides into the ring and stacks her opponents up for the victory.

Winners: Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans & Mercedes Martinez

Post-Match: Alisha brings out Kendra (her kendo stick) and swings it across Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren.

We briefly see an Impact Plus Moment of the Week clip. This week, it's James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels from Genesis (2013).

Backstage: Gail Kim finds Alisha and says she will be allowed to use Kendra against Kimber Lee, Savannah Evans and Jordynne Grace in a Monster's Ball Match that will honor Shannon "Daffney" Spruill.

It's All About Me Segment:

Tenille Dashwood is back with Madison Rayne and Kaleb. Rayne says the headlines read, "The Influence Will Become The New Knockouts Champions On Saturday." Speaking of their challengers, the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Decay (Havok and Rosemary) are their guests. Dashwood goes on a tirade. She drops every cuss word known to man. Dashwood refuses to answer any of Decay's questions. She wants them to leave. Rosemary refuses. In fact, she teases them that Decay is looking for a new body to snatch. The Influence freaks out and leaves the set.

- Moose and W. Morrissey are now an alliance. They are the newest entrances in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory.

X-Division Title Tournament: Black Taurus vs. Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams

Steve Maclin wastes little time as he takes the fight to Black Taurus and Petey Williams. Taurus turns things around with a switchblade on Maclin. Williams sends Taurus for a ride with a hurricanrana, followed by his signature dropkick. All three men spill to the outside. Williams rocks Maclin with another hurricanrana. He avoids a move from Black Taurus and dumps him right on top of the apron.

Back in the ring, Maclin catches Williams with a vicious backbreaker. Black Taurus rushes in with an uppercut followed by a powerslam for two. Williams drops Taurus down on the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep and floats over for a cover. Taurus kicks out. All three men trade power shots. Black Taurus hits a crucifix bomb on Maclin for two. Taurus spins free from a Canadian Destroyer from Williams and turns it into a corkscrew from off the top! Williams is caught in the tree of woe position. Maclin spears Williams in half.

Williams spins out of Maclin's inverted facelock sitdown slam finisher. Black Taurus charges in with a spear. He turns around to eat a Candian Destroyer. Now, Maclin uses his inverted facelock sitdown slam on Williams. Williams doesn't have to evade. 1-2-3, Maclin joins Trey Miguel for a shot at the X-Division Championship.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Backstage: The Impact World Champion Christian Cage has good thoughts going into this tag team match. He asks Josh Alexander to keep his emotions in check. Cage turns around and sees Christopher Daniels stand in front of him. Daniels wants a shot at the World Championship. He's going to let Cage think about it.

At Swinger's Palace: Poor Johnny Swinger. He's having a very hard time shutting his casino down.

Learning Tree (Manny Lemons & Zicky Dice) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Willie Mack is rocking Zicky Dice's world, and in a not-so-good way, as he tosses him around like a rag doll. Mack makes a tag to Rich Swann. Dice brings Manny Lemons in. Swann grinds Lemons down before Mack steps back in. Mack is having a blast. He decides to twist Lemons' nipples. Swann and Mack put the Learning Tree with an assisted Doomsday Elevated Neckbreaker.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Post-Match: The rest of the Learning Tree (with Brian Myers) come out and beat up Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

- We watch back Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James' wild brawl at James' house last week. This week, Purrazzo is speaking with Gail Kim and Executive Vice President Scott D'Amore. Amore has put in a no-contact clause between the two of them until Bound For Glory. Gail has an idea for both of them in the meantime. Both ladies will pick each other opponents in a Choose Your Poison match. James will go first. She will choose Purrazzo's opponent at Knockouts Knockdown this Saturday.

And now, the main event!

Impact World Champion Christian Cage & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Madman Fulton tries to rock the World Champion, but Christian Cage won't budge. Both men trade shots before Cage receives a tag from Josh Alexander. Fulton also heads for a tag from Ace Austin. Alexander works Austin down on the mat. He looks for a cover, and Austin kicks out. Alexander's head ricochets off the ropes, courtesy of Fulton. Austin continues working Alexander before the break.

Coming off the final break, Josh Mathews details that it's been a stalemate until Austin plants a buzzsaw kick on Alexander. Alexander creates some space to tag out Cage. Cage throws Austin into the corner and hammers down 10 top rope punches! Austin makes a desperate tag to Fulton. Fulton holds control over Cage. Fulton hurls Cage into the corner. Fulton reaches in with a vice grip! Cage escapes a chokeslam attempt. Fulton makes a hot tag over to Austin.

Cage is worn out and needs Alexander's help. Alexander picks the big man up plants two big suplexes. Austin saves Fulton from a third one. Austin heads to the top of the rope. Cage shoves him off. Fulton has Cage on the outside. Cage pushes Fulton into the steel stairs. Alexander applies an ankle lock. Austin kicks free. Cage tags himself in just before Alexander hits Chaos Theory. Cage finishes this thing with a Killswitch. Cage and Alexand reign victorious in the main event!

Winners: Christian Cage & Josh Alexander

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!