Malakai Black To Cody Rhodes: "My Job Was To Destroy You And Your World"

In the main event of last night's AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes finally picked up a victory over Malakai Black. Rhodes got the pinfall win via cross rhodes and a tiger driver '98.

Rhodes was very positive afterwards, posting his thoughts on social media.

"Great night — great city. Unreal opponent who cleaned my clock twice and might be the best striker in the game," Rhodes wrote. "Thank you for tuning into #AEWDynamite and to #RhodesToTheTop and seeing my beautiful girls. Much love!"

Black, on the other hand, felt like Rhodes missed the point of it all and ultimately Black came out the victor.

"The entire world is a graveyard, and if you think this was about putting my shoulders on the mat; you're rudely mistaken," Black wrote. "My job was to destroy you and your world. The entire world hates you, you've become the beast I set out to make you, and I was willing to sacrifice my blood for it. Enjoy the seeds I planted for months. House always wins. #HouseOfBlack"

While Black was positioned to be the "bad guy" in this feud, crowds often cheered for him and booed Rhodes.

Over the last couple appearances Rhodes has been receiving mixed reactions, and at times, getting outright booed by the live crowds. This is likely what Black is referring to when he mentioned "enjoy the seeds I planted for months."


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