MLW Gives Injury Update On Alex Hammerstone

Earlier today, Major League Wrestling gave an injury update on MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone.

Hammerstone was injured during the title vs. title championship match at MLW Fightland. 

After defeating Jacob Fatu and becoming the new MLW World Champion, he had to receive medical treatment from Dr. Sweglar due to his ankle.

Hammerstone shared photos of his ankle on social media, which can be seen below.

According to the below statement, Alex Hammerstone is going to undergo tests today. Dr. Sweglar is expected to give an update on his condition early next week.

Following his historic title vs. title championship bout, Alex Hammerstone limped to the back where he received medical treatment from Dr. Sweglar.

Davey Richards, a current Critical-Care/Flight Paramedic and 3rd Medical school student, was one of the first to assist the new double champ alongside MLW's resident physician.

While Hammerstone is expected to undergo tests this afternoon, the double champ shared pics taken shortly after the title bout.

Dr. Sweglar is expected to update the press and Hammer's fans early next week on his condition.

Results to MLW Fightland are available here.