On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with former MLW Middleweight Champion and former AAW Heritage Champion Myron Reed. Reed is set to compete in AAW’s Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament this weekend. Last time Reed was in the tournament, he lost to Josh Alexander in the semifinals. He discussed how he will fare in this year’s tournament.

“For me right now, it’s not even ‘possibly’, it’s ‘when’, when I do, when I win,” Reed said. “I know every year, I’ve done everything everyone’s expected me not to do. My first year in, I wrestled Brian Cage first match of the tournament, upset victory. People were like, ‘This kid’s getting squashed. He’s getting killed. He’s out of here.’ Did what everybody said I couldn’t do, went on and on. I was this close to beating Mike Elgin that first year, and I felt like this tournament really gave me that confidence as in-ring wrestler, and I’m forever grateful. This Friday and Saturday, it’s time to show out like no other.”

The biggest news from this past week was ROH releasing their roster from their contracts. Those with time remaining on their contract beyond 2021 will still get paid, but ROH are set to go on a hiatus after Final Battle as they look to “reimagine” the promotion into a more fan-focused product. Reed commented on the news.

“Honestly, I can only imagine what they’re going through as far as being released, but one door closes another one opens, and I feel like for a lot of those guys, they’re gonna get bigger opportunities, bigger platforms,” Reed explained. “And for other guys, maybe they weren’t working hard enough, and now this is gonna open their eyes and make them work harder. I feel like everything happens for a reason to everybody, and hopefully, a lot of these guys get bigger contracts, make more money, get on the indies and do great. I want them to all be great.”

Many ROH talents have already been booked on upcoming indie shows. ROH World Champion Bandido is set to make his GCW debut. Reed discussed the impact of top talents entering the indie scene will have on the business.

“I’m excited for it. I feel like it’s more competition,” Reed stated. “More wrestlers got to step up. There’s more talent on the scene, now you gotta stand out. Everyone’s working harder. That really is the better content for the fans, and it’s better for the fans. Healthy competition is always better for the audience.”

Reed later talked about what affect the talent boom on the indies has on him. Recalling his year in Ohio where he lived with talents who are now stars in major promotions.

“Like I said, the more talent that’s put in a situation, when I see that I feel like it’s time for me to work harder, grind harder,” Reed said. “When I lived in Ohio for a year, I felt like that was my most progress, in-ring especially, in wrestling because I was living with Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz (Nash Carter), Desmond Xavier (Wes Lee), Ace Austin and Cole Radrick, for me it was just a house full of f*cking GOATs. If it’s a house full of talented wrestlers who are going to be the future of this industry, I got to either hang or be better.

“For us, we were all trying to one up each other, and I felt like that just made us all get so much better and it just separates you from the rest of the pack. This tournament is the same situation, you put in the top talent, the best talent you can put in this tournament, let me beat them. I’m gonna beat them. I’m gonna do what I do. The better the opponent the bigger the win for you. They (The Rascalz) definitely helped me out a lot in my wrestling journey.”

Myron Reed will compete in AAW’s Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament this weekend. The event will stream on FITE. You can follow him on Twitter @TheBadReed

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