Paul Heyman Is A “Huge Admirer” Of WWE SmackDown Announcer

In a recent interview with SK Wrestling, Paul Heyman was asked to name his favorite promo-cutters in today's WWE.

After listing the likes of Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch and Stephanie McMahon, Heyman revealed his admiration for SmackDown's Pat McAfee, who joined the Blue Brand's announce team in April this year.

"Pat McAfee actually has impressed the hell out of me," Heyman said. "Pat McAfee, during the breaks, will stand up on the announce table and entertain the live audience, and Pat McAfee understands the interaction between the person holding the microphone and those in the audience watching the person holding the microphone. I've become a huge admirer of his contributions to the WWE."

Heyman then added Street Profits and Bianca Belair to the list of current WWE talent with good mic skills.

"The Street Profits, love the Street Profits," Heyman said. "They are just magnificent, and Bianca Belair just, as well, improves and steps up on her game every single, solitary performance."

On this week's Supersized SmackDown, Heyman's allegiance to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was once again brought to question by Brock Lesnar – in a contract signing segment. Lesnar said that he looked over the the contract for his Crown Jewel match with Reigns "with his advocate, Paul Heyman." SmackDown ended with Lesnar laughing from the stage and an irate Reigns flipping over pieces of furniture in the ring.