Paul Wight Teases He May Wrestle This Saturday Night On AEW Dynamite

Paul Wight recently spoke with the Brandon Kravitz Podcast to promote the upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite, and he spoke about his recent return to in-ring action. Wight got back inside the squared circle at AEW's All Out where he defeated QT Marshall, and he admitted that he had to tell his brain to be quiet after not wrestling since his unsanctioned match in WWE with Randy Orton in 2020.


"Yes and no (if he had ring rust). The hard part is just to tell your brain to be quiet, it's not natural to fall down and it is not natural to take bumps in our business. When you haven't done it in a while, your brain is kind of like, 'I shouldn't fall down,' but you have to just relax and remember your body knows what to do and your subconscious knows what to do and just have fun and go and do it. So, yes it is fun to get back in the ring and have some fun wrestling and lace up my boots and rock and roll a little bit."

AEW provides a very different in-ring style to Wight's, with a lot more fast-paced, high-flying action taking place with the likes of The Young Bucks and Darby Allin. He admitted that his own days of doing that style are behind him, although he didn't rule out the potential of doing something if the right opportunity comes along.


"No, I don't think so. I did all my high-flying stuff back in the day, but I don't know, a big enough match, right opponent, right situation, I'm insane. You talk about high spots and that's just an evolution of the business. I'm not saying it's right, it's different because I am from an older generation so I look at fast-moving high spots sometimes as too much. But then again, you look at our younger viewers and younger audiences, they are running several devices at the same time, holding their attention on social media, it is very hard to get their attention span. So, the old days of settling down and telling a story and being in a headlock for five minutes or something to get the crowd to go crazy, this new crowd, new audiences, it might make them go and find something else to watch. So it is a difficult mix of trying to make that connection with the audience. I think any way you can make yourself unique and special and make that connection as a talent because wrestling is art."

Wight also teased the possibility of returning to the ring this Saturday when AEW Dynamite takes place live in Orlando, which would be only his third match for the company if it was to happen, with the majority of his work so far taking place behind the announce desk. Although, it is worth noting that AEW has not officially announced a match for Wight at this point.


"I might be lacing up my boots this Saturday, it's about that itch. It has been a little bit so I'm bringing my gear bag with me, so if you come to the event in Orlando, you might see my big ass in the ring. Where else are you going to see 400lbs of spandex, brother? That alone is worth the price of admission. "

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