Pres10 Vance Recalls Brodie Lee Asking Cody Rhodes Why AEW Was Not Using Him

As a guest on the Dynamite Download YouTube Channel, Pres10 Vance spoke about his relationship with the late Brodie Lee as a member of The Dark Order. Vance revealed that Brodie was the one who got him a job in AEW and wanted him to be a part of his group from day one. The Dark Order's 10 even revealed a funny note about a sport Brodie Lee played after he left WWE.

"It was when we did the tapings at the Nightmare Factory back in April of 2020," Vance said. "Right after Brodie had debuted and the week before that I did a Dark Match with Darby in Jacksonville and that aired on a Tuesday so we did the Dark tapings in Atlanta the following Wednesday and that's when I had just met Brodie that day. I remember him walking in and I was a huge Luke Harper fan from WWE and I was kind of like starstruck like this is f***ing cool, yanno? We instantly started talking about hockey and he said he just got out of a men's hockey league, like you were just in WWE and now you're playing mens league hockey? We started talking about that and then he pulled Cody aside and QT [Marshall] and was like 'What's up with Vance? Why is he not signed anywhere? He looks good, he seems like a nice guy, is something wrong with him?'

"They were like 'No, we just haven't pulled the trigger yet.' [Brodie said] 'Well, I want him with me, I'll take him under my wing on TV and backstage,' I was like that's a huge honor, you know? That's my signing story. That's the real life recruitment to the group, it was during the pandemic. So at that point Silver and Reynolds they weren't there for weeks and I don't even think they were signed full time yet. Stu and Uno were never there because they were in Canada and couldn't cross the border. Brodie had just debuted with this new group that was non-existent so he needed somebody and I happened to be in the right place at the right time."

The Brodie Lee Celebration of Life episode of AEW Dynamite was one of the most emotional and heart wrenching nights in the history of the wrestling business, with his son Brodie Jr. being heavily involved in the show as -1 of The Dark Order. Vance spoke about his relationship with Brodie Lee Jr. and mentioned how that relationship started.

"It's funny because a lot of people assume that I have known that family forever and I did not know them until literally a week before Brodie passed away," Vance said. "I remember meeting [Brodie's son] and Amanda backstage and I knew who they were and Amanda knew who I was but Little Brodie had no idea who I was, when I got in full gimmick I was like behind them and Little Brodie turned around and said 'Mom, that's 10.' He was just gravitating toward me. I'm never super serious and I always try to be light hearted, I think in a time that was really hard for everybody, especially him. It let him be a kid again and takes his mind off it. We do these charity events and Thunder Rosa will always be like 'Man, you have the gift. No matter where we go, the kids just gravitate towards you.' I think it's because I just naturally give off a vibe of big brother and I've never been a big brother, I'm a little brother."

As one of the original members of The Dark Order, Vance revealed who he'd like to recruit most to the group with a simple answer.

"The first one that comes to mind for me is The Rock," Vance stated.

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