Sneak Peek At AEW Composer Working On Owen Hart Theme

AEW composer Mikey Rukus has been working on a new project recently, related to legendary wrestler Owen Hart. Rukus took to Twitter to allow fans to listen to his tribute to Hart's classic theme.

"Take a trip back to 1992 with a bit of an edge to it," Rukus tweeted. "The honor is and always will be mine."

In the two minute and fourteen second video, Rukus took fans through the process of how he constructed his theme for Hart. The final fifty eight seconds of the video contain a snippet of the theme fully constructed. Rukus did not reveal how the theme will be used, if at all.

In late September, AEW and the Owen Hart Foundation, run by Hart's widow Martha Hart, announced a partnership that would allow AEW to produce Owen Hart merchandise, apparel,  posters, collectable items and more. Hart will also be included in the upcoming AEW video game. The promotion attempted to trademark Hart's "King of Harts" nickname as a gift for Martha, but was unable to get the rights.

The deal also allows AEW to hold the Owen Hart Cup Tournament, were the winner will be presented wit a trophy known as "The Owen." No date has been given for the start of the tournament, though AEW President Tony Khan has promised more information shortly.

You can see Rukus' tweet below.