The IInspiration Discuss The Decisions They Have Had To Make Post-WWE

Gail Kim recently hosted a new edition of "Press Pass" featuring Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay of The IInspiration ahead of Bound For Glory. The two answered questions from members of the wrestling media, and they revealed who helped influence their decision to sign with Impact.


"So I will say, Chelsea [Green] was so helpful because she is everywhere," Lee noted. "We were able to bounce ideas off her and ask how everywhere was like. She was a huge help for us because she's just in everyone's locker room, which is so great.

"[The tag team division] was definitely one of the biggest factors. The Knockouts tag team division is just on another level," McKay added. "They take care of the women in Impact. They are showcased. There is a tag team division with multiple tag teams, and that's what Cassie and I, we pride ourselves on being a cohesive tag team. So that was a big factor, but it also had to feel right. That was a big thing for us. We wanted it to feel like the perfect fit, and Impact is the perfect fit for us."


Many fans had speculated that the IInspiration would appear at Slammiversary due to many references being made about them on Impact TV. However, they explained why that could not have happened.

"When the rumors were going out about Slammiversary, our visa issues were not nearly fixed," Lee revealed. "We actually had our agent come in and save the day. He was our knight in shining armor, and he took over the responsibility of taking over out visa, so that we could work in this country and continue to wrestle like we want to do.

"It was cutting it close, I'll be honest. It was weeks, and then everything was finalized," McKay said. "We were hoping it was Bound For Glory, and we were praying and I'm so glad that worked out, but there was a couple of times where I was like, ugh, struggling to figure out timelines, but thank goodness it's all done and sorted. Like Cass said, our agent came in and absolutely saved us, and now we're gonna be at Bound For Glory, biggest show of the year, sold out arena, tag team championship match. It's all coming together."

Lee and McKay announced their new tag team name and tour in late August. They discussed if other names were thrown around before they arrived on "The IInspiration".


"There were many names thrown around. Some of them good, some of them horrible but it was about balancing stuff off the wall and seeing what sticks," McKay admitted. "Cassie, I will give props to her. She came up with The IInspiration from Bring It On, classic film. We've seen it a million times. They called themselves 'inspiration leaders', and she loved that and told me about it. And I was like, 'That's amazing.' It stuck. It felt us, and it's so crazy. Now we say the word 'inspire' 100 times a day, and I never knew that. So of course, we're saying the word all the time, definitely fits for us."

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