Tony Khan, CM Punk, and Others Pay Tribute To ECW After AEW Rampage

At this week's AEW Rampage tapings, AEW President Tony Khan out to thank the crowd for coming to the show. Since they were in Philadelphia, Khan also wanted to pay tribute to ECW and some of the wrestlers who worked for that promotion.

Khan asked Taz, Chris Jericho, Jerry Lynn, and Dean Malenko to come out to the ring. Khan said when he was kid one of his most favorite things to do was come to Philly and watch wrestling.

Taz then took the mic and spoke about the others in the ring, along with how AEW reminds him of ECW.

"For me — as an ECW original and all of that stuff — it was an amazing time, and I know a lot of you guys are old enough to remember that and be part of that," Taz said. "What we got here is f***ing crazy because it's like a new generation of ECW, like on steroids and growth hormones."

Taz finished his comments by saying AEW is  the best place he ever worked. CM Punk then strolled out to the ring.

"I just wanted to say I feel extremely left out because I was the ECW Champion and nobody invited me," CM Punk joked about his run for the ECW promotion under WWE's banner. "I just want to make a point that I think is a very important distinction to make because I would have never been ECW Champion if it wasn't for a guy like Taz. If it wasn't for a guy like Chris Jericho. Certain, if it wasn't for Dean Malenko or Jerry Lynn."

Jericho then spoke about how he tried to talk with Paul Heyman for a year and get booked in ECW and finally got a chance in 1996 in Philly.

Malenko kept it short and thanked the fans. They gave him a "Thank you, Dean!" Lynn said the fans in Philly never let him down and said they were the "craziest mf'ers I've ever seen."

You can check out the current lineups for next week's Dynamite and Rampage here.

Below is the full segment: