WWE Hall Of Famer Expresses Interest In Retirement Match

During a recent interview with Women's Wrestling Talk, WWE Hall Of Famer Madusa (also recognized as Alundra Blayze) gave her opinion on the current state of women's wrestling. Madusa believes that there is still plenty of room to evolve for women's wrestling despite progress like two WrestleMania main events headlined by women.

"We still need a lot of growing. I'm glad to see that we have some women writers with WWE, that's good. I don't know if we have any women agents. When I was over there last, I didn't see any, maybe one. AEW, there's no women agents when I was over there. But women in general, the wrestling ability has really like hit roof, like, it's really good. Today's women's wrestling is what I was doing back then, and I was so ahead of my time. It's so good to see it 30 years later."

A seasoned in-ring veteran like Madusa likely has countless stories to tell about her time with WWE, WCW, and other companies. That's why she is releasing a tell-all book soon, but according to Madusa, she's received threats about releasing certain information.

"And when I say a book about truth, it's not a tattle tale book, so y'all can just come down now," she explained. "And trust me, I've received phone calls and warnings that if I mentioned their name, that they will sue me. I have received a death threat... And that's what's really sad."

Madusa dominated the women's wrestling scene in the early '90s, just before the "attitude era" of WWE really started to gain steam. She hopes that wrestling fans and companies alike will start showing more appreciation for the women that paved the way for attitude era stars like Trish, Lita, and others.

"And it seems like attitude-forward is what they do with the girls. They always pick – this is nothing against Trish or Lita, let's get this straight – but it seems like that they always pick those two, and move forward, and run with it. When there are women before the Attitude Era that made that happen, right? I mean, you have a Wendi Richter, you have a Leilani Kai, you have The Jumping Bomb Angels, you have dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, right down the line that are still alive that you know. If it wasn't for Wendi Richter, even before me, none of this would be happening because she stood her ground. She was the first one to stand her ground and said screw you and left. She left because she was rock and roll wrestling with the whole Cyndi Lauper, and she was as big as Hogan. And I mean, Hogan was getting paid, and I love Hogan. This is just talking business."

With her career winding down, Madusa made it clear that she's ready to have her retirement match with essentially any company with the right offer. It's also important to Madusa that she has an opponent that knows how to take care of someone who could be "their mother".

"I feel that I deserve a retirement match. I don't care if it's three minutes, or if it's an hour long. I deserve one. And every federation knows I have it out there," Madusa said. "Hello, Impact. Hello, AEW, Hello, WWE. Hello, NWA. Hello, ROH, Hello, Impact, whatever, right? And so, it's out there. And I would definitely have a retirement match. And I would choose my opponent. And the opponent would have to be someone that could carry me. And what I mean by that, is no disrespect to myself; is that if I were to forget something, and I need someone to take care of my body. Because I'm not 20 I mean, you have to be real, you know, I'm much older than Trish and Lita. You know, I could be both of your mother you know. Yeah, you'd have to be somebody that would take care of me in the match. And of course, likewise."