WWE Star Teases Match With Brock Lesnar?

On last Friday's WWE SmackDown, Brock Lesnar went on a rampage that got him suspended indefinitely.

WWE official Adam Pearce told Lesnar his actions were unacceptable and suspended him on the spot, which earned Pearce an F-5.

Before dropping Pearce, Lesnar went after the entire Bloodline, along with numerous WWE Superstars who came to ringside to calm him down. It wasn't until Cesaro (flanked by Rick Boogs and Erik of The Viking Raiders) who got in front of Lesnar and he stopped his attack.

On social media, Cesaro posted a photo of the two having a quick staredown (and possibly teasing a match?) with the caption "Hey big guy, sun's getting real low."

Marvel fans will recognize this phrase from The Avengers when the group says it to calm down The Hulk.