WWE’s Angel says the toughest matches for him are against the people he knows the best. Angel is currently part of the tag team Los Lotharios with his cousin Humberto. The high-flyer says that’s a welcome change from last year when the two were frequent opponents.

“Sometimes when you wrestle a partner, a family member, or a very, very close friend, it’s tougher than when you wrestle somebody that you don’t know because you have that confidence and you know that you can punch him and it’s gonna be for fun,” Angel said on the Table Talk podcast. “The toughest matches that I have had [are] versus family members or very close friends.”

Angel also recalled his storyline last year with The Bachelorette’s Demi Burnett. She made several appearances on Monday Night RAW during August and September of last year.

“For me, it was fun,” Angel said. “It was just following instructions and I don’t need to worry about anything, but I think the producers were the ones who were worried about that. For me, if she messed it up, I don’t care. If I mess it up, obviously I care. But I was just relaxed, chilling out, doing my thing.”

D-Von, a WWE producer and the host of the Table Talk podcast, recalled a specific incident involving Burnett. D-Von said Burnett swore on-air during an episode of Monday Night RAW after she messed up her lines during a live backstage segment with Angel.

“[Her part of the] promo was very large and then my promo was also a big one,” Angel said. “English is not my first language and I was doing my best to do it and she was the one who [was going to] finish that whole promo. And the last line was ‘f–k’! I thought, ‘I forget everything. What?!'”

Angel has fond memories of his time on Monday Night RAW last year. He was a regular on the show while it was at the WWE Performance Center and the ThunderDome.

“Those were good days, for me especially,” Angel said. “I worked 52 weeks in a row. It was the whole year during the pandemic. So for my character and for me personally, those days were incredible.”

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