WWE Champion, Big E, was recently a guest on Barstool Rasslin’ where he was looking ahead to the Royal Rumble. When asked who he would like to see win the match this year, Big E chose somebody from the SmackDown roster.

“I feel like the lazy answer would be The New Day members, so obviously either Kofi or Woods. I’ll go with someone who’s not them. Let’s go, Cesaro should win the Rumble,” Big E said. “Man, Cesaro is so damn good in the ring. I would love to see Cesaro get hot again.

“When he was with Paul Heyman, like that era, the swing era,” he stated. “And he’s still so damn good, but people were so behind him them. He’s a guy who is deserving of that, so I would love to see him get some much-deserved momentum.”

Big E then spoke about his suicide spear that sends him diving through the ropes, which is one of his most popular moves. The WWE Champion discussed the risk factor involved in that, and if he’s working on anything new.

“The suicide spear, or the spear through the ropes, that one is a little bit, I’m always fine. Everyone is always worried about me and telling me to stop doing it and like, ’you’re going to break your neck.’ I’m fine on it, but it’s a little unpredictable because you never know exactly how you’re going to land. So that one is a little scarier. That’s a little more dangerous, I guess. I might be working on something. I can’t just be giving it out willy-nilly, but we’ll see.”

Big E also touched on his iconic New Day entrance which he does prior to the group coming out. He admitted his biggest fear was always saying the wrong location.

“My fear is getting the wrong city,” Big E admitted. “Especially if we are on tour and it’s like four or five shows in a row. I learned from R-Truth, he once got the city wrong and he didn’t intend to and I’m pretty sure he got booed. So from then, I was scared straight and I said, ‘make sure you know the city.’ There was one time where I might have gotten the wrong number of reigns. Because there was a weird point, I don’t know if you remember when The Street Profits and Kofi Woods exchanged titles? That is like an extra reign, so there was a time where I couldn’t remember how many reigns. So I think I got the number of title reigns wrong once, but that’s about it.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Barstool Rasslin’ with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.