The New Day is recognized as one of the top stables in WWE history. While The New Day has been a faction for the past seven years, WWE Champion Big E believes The Bloodline is on top of the professional wrestling world right now.

“I think those guys are at the very top of the industry,” Big E said in an interview with Yahoo! Sport in the United Kingdom. “Roman has had an incredible run for over a year, he’s been killing it. The Bloodline, in general, is just a dominant faction.”

Big E will test himself against the leader of The Bloodline, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Sunday at Survivor Series. Big E hopes that the match will make him a better pro wrestler than he was walking in.

“I think when you see what they have been doing, it makes you want to step your game up and it makes you want to be even better,” Big E explained. “To add another level of intensity and to bring it. That’s what I am excited for, to be a better version of myself. I talked about it before, being in the ring with Drew [McIntyre at WWE Crown Jewel] made me better than I was when I walked in. That’s what I hope when I am in there with Roman. When it is all over, I hope to have done something to add to my legacy, my resume and to walk out a better pro wrestler than I was beforehand.”

While Big E is looking forward to Sunday’s match, he’s also looking forward to matches further down the road. He hopes Survivor Series is not the final chapter between himself and Reigns.

“You want to be in the ring with the very best,” Big E said. “I hope it’s not just a one-and-done at Survivor Series. I think that if we can get back to it, I’d absolutely love that. He’s at the top and those are the matches that I want. I want to work with the very best.”

The match between WWE Champion Big E and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is one of four “champion vs. champion” matches on Sunday’s Survivor Series pay per view. You can click here for the full Survivor Series card.