AEW Reportedly Had Plans To Bring In Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt (aka Windham) at one point was set to show up in AEW, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The Observer noted that there was "definitely a plan in place at one point" for Wyatt to join. It's not known why those plans fell through.

Impact Wrestling also had an interest in him around this time. There's still no true indication of where he could land when the decision is made. The report mentioned Wyatt decided not to leap due to the move he's set to be involved in later this month in Tennessee.

Bray Wyatt and Callosum Studios owner/special makeup effects artist Jason Baker were on a Warner Bros. lot in Hollywood last month. Baker, along with horror icon Tom Savini, previously created many of the WWE props used for Wyatt.

The movie has not been officially announced and the title and plot details are being kept under wraps. Baker noted that the feature film is "really new and different," described as "Ichi the Killer meets Xanadu."

Wyatt was released from WWE back on Saturday, July 31. He became a free agent when his 90-day non-compete clause expired on Friday, October 29.

During this week's media call, we asked AEW President Tony Khan if there were any updates on the two sides connecting.

"I like Windham a lot. We'll see what happens, you know, I haven't talked to him about it ever, about him coming to AEW," Khan said. "The last time I saw Windham was at Chris Jericho's birthday party. It was a pretty late night, and it was last year. So, it's a very different world. I only briefly saw him in passing — I was heading out while he was heading in. It was a pretty late night, but I think he's a wonderful person and a really great talent."