Bryan Danielson knocked Colt Cabana’s tooth out during their match on tonight’s AEW Dynamite in Chicago, Illinois.

It seems that one of Danielson’s kicks landed hard enough to send one of Cabana’s teeth flying to the mat. Danielson eventually won the match with the LaBell Lock. After the match, Danielson smiled and pointed to the mat. The camera zoomed in to find a tooth laying there.

Tony Schiavone then spoke with Bryan Danielson in the ring and the AEW star had a few words for the crowd.

“When I debuted in Chicago, I got a much different reaction than this,” Danielson said as the crowd booed him. “And I wonder, is it me or is it you? Because I have one word to describe that, and that’s fickle. I am not fickle. I came out here and I said I was going to kick Colt Cabana’s head in. And not only did I kick his head in, but I also kicked his teeth out.”

Bryan Danielson then showed the tooth in his hand. Fans will also notice the callback to his “fickle” phrase that he used during his heel run in WWE. Danielson is in line for a title shot against AEW World Champion Hangman Page. He said until they have a match, he plans on kicking in the heads of each Dark Order member.

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Below is Danielson’s full promo.