Charlotte Flair Responds To Fans Who Feel She Is Handed Things In WWE

For Charlotte Flair, being a 12-time women's champion in WWE is not enough. She has even loftier goals for her career.

"I don't think people appreciate me right now," Flair said during an interview on The Masked Man Show. "Not until something or someone is gone do they realize what they have. And when I'm gone, I will go down as the greatest ever, man or woman."


Flair is preparing for a showdown with Becky Lynch Sunday at Survivor Series. Lynch recently stated that the two had a falling out. Flair sounded more miffed at the tone of Lynch's comments.

"The reason I don't put down others is because I know what it's like to be torn down every single day," Flair said. "Every single day, someone wants to take away my success. Oh, it was handed to her. Oh, it was given to her. Oh, she's Ric Flair's daughter. Oh, she politics. All these things. No one can accept the fact that if my last name wasn't Flair, I would still be the best athlete in this company, man or woman."

Carrying a famous last name has been a blessing and a burden during Charlotte Flair's career. But she says her name doesn't allow her to simply get what she wants behind the scenes.


"Because I am a Flair, they automatically think I can just walk into Vince's office because I'm Ric Flair's daughter and be like, 'This is what I want to do today'," Flair said. "If that was the case, don't you think I would have a longer title run than 8 seconds a couple of years ago at Money In The Bank?"

Charlotte Flair won the SmackDown Women's Championship from Becky Lynch at Money In The Bank 2019. Immediately after the match, Bayley cashed in her Money In The Bank contract and won the title from Flair.

"I don't like the short title runs," Flair continued. "I wish I could hold on to the title a little bit longer. But when I lose it, I want to get it again. When I lose, I'm gonna prove [it]. That's what keeps me motivated – getting better to be that champion."

Flair says she keeps working to improve. That means getting better in the ring and on the microphone.

"I really needed to work on my promos," Flair explained. "Since 2019, I've taken the opportunity to work on my promos. I feel like they've gotten better. Are they where I want them to be? No."

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