Chris Jericho Recalls Shutting Down WWE Star While Planning Money In The Bank Match

On the latest episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho sat down with Jon Moxley to talk about his new book, MOX. Moxley discussed his days with The Shield and recalled the night all three members held the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2016. Moxley noted that those stories are saved for the book, but Jericho told a story from their preparation for the Money in the Bank ladder match.


"It was you, and me, and it was Sami, and Kevin, and it was Cesaro, and Del Rio," Jericho recalled. "And Sami and Kevin were convinced that they needed to build an apparatus and take some kind of ridiculously, stupid bump or else nobody would care, and you were just sitting there being typical Mox. 'Whatever you guys want to do,' and Sami was talking, talking, talking.

"And Cesaro said, 'Sami, can I say something?' And Sami goes, 'No' and continues talking. Cesaro was just like [Jericho makes an angry noise], and I remember, at one point, I said, 'Okay, stop. I'm the captain now. I'm taking over. Everything has to be approved by me. If you got a problem, go talk to Vince. It's all about climbing the ladder and reaching for the title. That's all that matters,' and we had the match. You won. It ended up being really good, and afterwards, Sami went, 'Wow, you were right. You had some good ideas there.' I'm like, 'Yes, of course I'm f**cking right!'"


Moxley recently competed in the Casino Ladder Match on an episode of Dynamite. However, Moxley gave his thoughts on ladder matches and why it had to take some convincing from Tony Khan to be in the match.

"Those matches are so annoying. They were always big hits with the crowd, because we just did one the other week," Moxley noted. "I swore I would never be in another ladder match again. I hate ladder matches. I'm not a ladder guy. I swear ladders and chairs took more years off my career than probably anything. You get bone chips on your elbows.

"I hate ladders, and I'm not what you would call a high flyer, if you haven't noticed. I don't really know why I need to be going up this ladder, and I swore I'll never be in one. And Tony's like, 'I'm doing this match. We got to announce the graphic.' I fought tooth and nail to try to come up with every excuse why I shouldn't be in a ladder match, but if you're paying me and I'm here working for you, I want to do a good job. I want to do a good job for the team.

"He's like, 'We need star power in this match. I got to give the graphic to them tonight.' I was like, 'Ah, fine, I'll do the frickin ladder match.' I just swore that I'll never be in another ladder match, and here I am in a ladder match again, talking with six guys trying to figure out all this insanity. They're always big hits with the crowd. You climb the ladder and you dangle your fingertip a little bit, and they go nuts."


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