CM Punk And MJF Reference WWE Stars On AEW Dynamite

MJF and CM Punk opened tonight's AEW Dynamite and references numerous WWE stars during their promo in the ring.

During their lengthy back-and-forth, Punk said that MJF thought he was revolutionary in the world of pro wrestling, but in reality he was just a "less famous Miz."

MJF fired back by telling Punk he's gone soft and is now "PG Punk." He then said Punk might as well be out here talking about "hustle, loyalty, and respect," a reference to John Cena.

Later on, MJF said Punk was always second best whether it was to "you can't see me man" or the "king of kings." Referring to Triple H, and again, Cena.

Near the end of the segment, CM Punk questioned if MJF thought he was number one in AEW?

"The only way you'll be number one is if Tony Khan has a daughter and you marry her," Punk says, referencing Triple H marrying Stephanie McMahon.

The two teased a fight in the ring, but MJF rolled out and headed to the back.

You can check out the comments in the videos below.

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