Top ROH Star Says Recent TV Tapings Felt “Meaningless”

Dalton Castle's commitments to Ring Of Honor will end early next year. The newly crowned ROH World Television Champion confirmed he has two months left on his contract with the company.

"I've only got two months left on my contract before I am completely fired," Dalton said facetiously on The Gentlemen's Club's Night Cruisin' podcast. "Ring Of Honor is giving us all the boot at the end of the year."

Dalton Castle said there was a different mood in the air during the recent Ring Of Honor TV tapings. The company's talent roster and staff learned last month that ROH will go on hiatus following the Final Battle pay per view on Saturday, December 11. ROH said it will be working to reimagine itself ahead of a relaunch currently planned for early next year. For many wrestlers on the current roster, the announcement likely means the end of their time working for ROH.

"It all feels meaningless actually," Castle said. "We just did a recording, like, three days ago and it was weird because we showed up knowing our jobs are ending."

Dalton Castle expressed his disappointment about Ring Of Honor undergoing such dramatic changes. Castle is a former ROH World Champion and also held the ROH World 6-Man Tag Team Titles. He said he's still proud of his time in the company and looking forward to the Final Battle pay per view in December.

"I'm not mad at [Ring Of Honor]," Dalton explained. "Yes, maybe there are some decisions along the way when you look back in hindsight that probably led to this moment. But also, they've given me so much. I've always had such a great time and I'm still wrestling."

"I'm not mad," Dalton continued. "I'm sad. I'm sad to see something that I've loved for so long end."