Danhausen Reveals Injury Update, News On How The Injury Happened

ROH star Danhausen has suffered a broken leg in two places.

As noted before, Danhausen revealed on Twitter how he suffered a leg injury during Sunday's Next Generation Wrestling event in Tennessee, while teaming with Warhorse against Renegades of Flight (Jason Kincaid, Facade).

In an update, Danhausen returned to Twitter today with an update, noting that he suffered a broken tibia and fibia in his left leg. He tweeted a photo from the hospital, along with various links for fans to help while he's out of work.

"Danhausen has a broken Tibia and Fibia and is sure Dave Doctor is going to try to take Danhausens sacks of money, so if you'd like to help Danhausen curse them," he wrote, with the links in the tweet seen below.

A user on Reddit noted that the injury happened while Danhausen was down in one of the corners to take a Coast To Coast. The opponent performed the move, but landed on Danhausen's leg. He reportedly grabbed his leg almost immediately, and laid on the apron for the rest of the match as Warhorse got the win for their team. Danhausen was then carried to the back after the match.

There's no word on how long Danhausen will be out of action, but Prestige Wrestling noted on Twitter that they are hopeful he will be ready for in-ring action for their Rise Above event scheduled for February 27, 2022 in Pomona, CA. It was noted that if he's unable to wrestle by then, they will still have him in the building and on the show in some form.

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