Franky Monet's First Post-WWE Booking Revealed

The first post-WWE booking for Taya Valkyrie (fka WWE NXT's Franky Monet) has been announced.

Zicky Dice revealed this week that Valkyrie will be in action at his Outlandish Paradise event on Saturday, January 15.

Valkyrie responded to the announcement and wrote, "Did I mention this will be my first match back??? CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!! January 15th in Atlanta! @ZickyDice"

Valkyrie was released from WWE back on Thursday, November 4, along with 17 other talents. She is believed to be under a 30-day non-compete clause with WWE, which would make her a free agent on Saturday, December 4. You can click here to read her release statement.

Dice's Outlandish Paradise event will take place on January 15 from The Action Building in Canton, Georgia. Tickets are available at this link.

Dice is partnering with Twitch for his "Outlandish" event. The following was announced on the show:

"Outlandish Zicky Dice and Twitch are partnering up to bring you a live-streaming professional wrestling spectacular, that will be unlike anything seen or done before. This must-see experience will bring together the worlds of sports entertainment, Twitch streamers, and a rabid fanbase in an epic collision of outlandish proportions!

On January 15th, 2022 Zicky Dice's Outlandish Paradise takes over The Action Building in Atlanta, GA with a thousand energetic fans in our live audience along with over one million watching live on Twitch around the world."

Stay tuned for more. You can see the full tweets below: