Hammerstone Gives Update On Ankle Injury

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone appeared on Wrestling Epicenter to give an update on the ankle injury he sustained last month.

Last month at MLW Fightland he sustained the injury during his victory in the Title vs. Title Match against Jacob Fatu. It ended up being a bad sprain, although no bones were broken.

"I lucked out! Nothing broke!" Hammerstone said. "It was my ankle. It was a very bad sprain, I had some tearing in some of the ligaments and tendons. But, I'm back wrestling. It put me down for a while.

"But, I'm being smart. Ankle injuries have a tendency to linger on. So, every time I wrestle, I'm going to be having a brace on for the foreseeable to help prevent re-injuring this ankle."

Despite getting injured during the match, Hammerstone felt good about how things played out overall.

"I can say it was definitely one of the toughest challenges I've ever had in wrestling," Hammerstone admitted. "I wish I had gotten through it without suffering the injury. That is to be expected when you face someone like Jacob Fatu. I was satisfied with the match. Seeing the road that I went down to get there and having it pay off in such a grand fashion was awesome!"

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You can check out the full interview in the video below.