Hangman Page On How He Plans To Celebrate AEW World Championship Win At Full Gear

Hangman Page is presently the odds-on favorite to defeat Kenny Omega and capture the AEW World Championship this Saturday at the Full Gear pay-per-view.

Speaking to ComicBook ahead of his big night, Page was asked if he had a beer of choice to celebrate his potential victory.

"I'll be honest, I'm not picky," Page responded. "Usually it's whatever (beer) someone hands me because that is my favorite price when it comes from. So beyond that, I don't know and nobody's paid me the money to say otherwise (he later added he wouldn't mind a beer sponsorship, but noted, 'That's not what I'm in this for'), so I'll leave it open-ended."

Back in 2019, Page fell short of becoming the inaugural AEW World Champion at the All Out pay-per-view, losing to Chris Jericho in the main event. Page believes he's a lot more prepared to hold AEW's top prize, detailing his difference in mindset from 2019 to 2021.

"As a person, as an athlete I like to think a lot and I think that's reflected in whether I can put it into so many words or not how I feel about this coming weekend versus how I felt only days out from that weekend. Very different feelings.

"I don't want to say confidence because that sounds lame. It sounds dumb, even though it may be true to an extent. I know that when I wrestled Jericho, I was the young guy who joined the Bullet Club who had the break of his career in being able to do that, being able to travel to Japan, who was in all those multi-man matches and who probably got beat in all those multi-man matches with Bullet Club.

"And the next thing he's challenging for this new championship for a brand new company, headlining a pay-per-view. It didn't add up for people and I think truthfully it didn't add up for me deep inside. I didn't understand how I got in the position. I mean I know that I won a battle royal to get there, but honestly, that doesn't feel as meaningful if I had worked my way up from something more. So, yeah I don't know if I've felt a hundred percent the way that I do now back then."

Page is admittedly walking into Target Center in Minneapolis in a festive mood.

"Unlike many times before, this to me feels better," Page said. "This feels good. This feels like a party. This feels like hopefully a big celebration. This feels very different than I've ever felt it before in a very good way."