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Tonight’s episode is the Turning Point go-home show. Turning Point will air live this Saturday on Impact Plus and Fite TV at 10 pm EST!

** Before tonight’s show, “The Teacher” Brian Myers defeated his former student, Sam Beale, on Before The Impact. **

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a contenders match. If Steve Maclin wins his scheduled contest with Laredo Kid, he’ll be added to the X-Division Title match this Saturday with Kid and the current champion, Trey Miguel!

Steve Maclin vs. Laredo Kid

Laredo Kid takes Steve Maclin straight down on the mat and tries to lock in an inverted Indian Deathlock. Maclin evades and heads for a waistlock takedown. Maclin pins Kid’s shoulders down. Kid kicks out of the pin at two. Maclin launches himself out of the ring with a thunderous dive! Back in the ring, Maclin continues whaling the hard shots. He hangs him up in the tree of woe position connects a corner spear he calls Crosshairs!

Kid recovers quickly to hit two back-to-back moonsaults for another near-fall attempt. He looks for another moonsault after the pin, but Maclin rolls away. Kid eats a big forearm but returns the same punch on Maclin before toppling him with a DDT. Kid maintains command with a poison rana for another two count. Maclin connects another spear in the corner, setting up his Mayhem for All finisher to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner: Steve Maclin

It’ll now be Trey Miguel defending his X-Division Championship against Laredo Kid and Steve Maclin in a Triple Threat Match at Turning Point this Saturday.

– D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through all the thrilling matches set for Turning Point this Saturday.

– Earlier tonight, on BTI, Brian Myers ruthlessly continued the onslaught on Sam Beale after picking up the singles victory. It’s reported that Beale was taken to a hospital to get medically evaluated.

Backstage: Rich Swann and Willie Mack are disgusted by Brian Myers’ actions. Swann challenges Myers to a fight this Saturday.

– The X-Division Trey Miguel speaks. He just saw Steve Maclin etch his name into his title fight on Saturday. Miguel hopes to make a bold statement that Maclin can’t beat him.

– Gia Miller finds Ace Austin and asks if he heard Chris Sabin’s challenge to him for Saturday. Austin plays dumb until he turns around and finds Sabin standing right behind him.

Non-Title Match: Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) vs. The Undead Bridesmaids (Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren)

Jessie McKay and Brandi Lauren get the party started. The IInspiration already has the crowd behind them in this bout. Lauren ragdolls McKay while holding her in a waistlock. McKay drops Lauren down on the mat and does her signature pose before tagging Cassie Lee in. Lauren locks Lee up with a side headlock takeover. Kimber Lee reaches out for a tag. Kimber chases Cassie around the ring. Cassie plants a beautiful roundhouse kick seconds after the slide back into the ring. Their match will continue after the break.

We are back from the break. Cassie Lee and Brandi Lauren are the legal women. Lauren cleans house by taking Jessie McKay off the apron and landing a double boot slam to the outside on Lee. But Lauren couldn’t get the job after Lee and McKay joined forces with a tandem powerbomb for the win.

Winners: The IInspiration

Post-Match: Decay slither down to the ring to warn The IInspiration that their time as champs is coming to an abrupt end.

– Up next is the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s Rhino & Heath vs. Reno Scum for last year’s Victory Road

– Earlier this week, Chelsea Green punched her ticket as the new No. 1 Contender for the Digital Media Championship. She will face the champion, Jordynne Grace, at the Countdown to Turning Point pre-show this Saturday at 9:30 pm EST. Gia Miller and Green talk about this opportunity. Meanwhile, after their interview, Matt Cardona and W. Morrissey trade words on who’s next in line for the Impact World Championship.

– On January 8, 2022, Impact will return to Dallas, Texas, for Hard To Kill.

Backstage/Down around the Ring: Eddie Edwards is preparing for his high-stakes title match against the Impact World Champion, Moose, at Turning Point. While he addresses what’s on the line, Moose blindsided him. Both men take their fight down to the ring. Moose destroys Edwards with a steel chair. Edwards fights back by tossing a few chairs towards Moose. They exchange unmerciful chair shots. Edwards knocks Moose out cold. As Moose lays on top of an already set up table, Edwards finds a ladder, sets it up, and heads to the top. Moose escapes by the skin of his teeth.

– When Moose heads to the back, he comes face-to-face with Scott D’Amore. D’Amore informs him that his match with Edwards will now become a Full Metal Mayhem brawl!

– Mercedes Martinez is geared up for her title fight against Knockouts Champion, Mickie James at Turning Point.

Impact World Tag Champion Doc Gallows (w/Karl Anderson) vs. Hikuleo (w/Chris Bey & El Phantasmo)

Before Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson square off against Hikuleo and Chris Bey for the Impact World Tag Titles this Saturday, the two behemoths of their respective groups will duke it out in singles action tonight.

Gallows dictates the fight with a flurry of hammer throws in the corner. Gallows drags Hikuleo to the outside. Hikuleo recovers quickly and brings their match back into the ring. ELP and Chris Bey create a double distraction so Hikuleo can land a wicked shot toward Gallows’ family jewels. Hikuleo thinks he’s won this entire thing after that. Not so fast; Gallows frees himself at two.

Hikuleo drives Gallows into the ropes. Bey connects a vicious right hand on the big man. ELP pretends he didn’t see anything. Back to center, both men collide with double clotheslines. Hikuleo powerslams Gallows for close near-fall. Gallows heads into Turning Point victorious after poking Hikuleo in the eyes and connecting a massive chokebomb.

Winner: Doc Gallows

Deonna Purrazzo Returns to Impact Wrestling:

The former Impact Knockouts Champion, and current AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, sits down with Gia Miller for the first time after losing her championship to Mickie James at Bound For Glory.

Miller wants to know where The Virtuosa has been. She tells her she’s been at home. Miller follows up by asking what she’s been doing at home? Purrazzo rapidly replies with, “Nothing.” Purrazzo doesn’t think she owes the fans or the champion anything. She tells everyone to wait and see what she’s going to do next.

– FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) aren’t too happy they won’t participate in the tag title match at Turning Point. Scott D’Amore awards them a match on the pre-show Saturday. They will face Decay’s Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus.

– Violent By Design officially accepts Rhino and Heath’s tag match at Turning Point.

Johnny Swinger, Hernandez & Fallah Bahh vs. The Demon & Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

Johnny Swinger whips out a red towel and tells Black Taurus to charge at him. Well, when you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Swinger learned that the hard way. Taurus tags Crazzy Steve in. Before he goes, Taurus plants Steve right on top of Swinger with a heavy splash. Swinger crawls to his corner and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez rocks Steve in the cradle position. Hernandez makes a tag out to Fallah Bahh, who hits a corkscrew elbow. Steve and Swinger are back in for a brief moment. Steve bites Swinger before turning to Hernandez. The Demon sneaks up behind Swinger and locks in a sleeper of sorts. Swinger taps out immediately. The Demon finally settles his beef with Johnny Swinger.

Winners: The Demon & Decay 

Backstage: John E Bravo meets Johnny Swinger behind the curtain. Swinger feels so lost. It looks like Rosemary and Havok will help Bravo help Swinger, but it comes with a price…his virgin blood.

– Jordynne Grace says she respects Chelsea Green, but the Digital Media Champion thinks Green can’t get the job done on Saturday.

– The Knockouts Champion Mickie James tells Mercedes Martinez she better prepare for a major ass-whooping come Saturday.

– One last time, D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker announce all the matches, including the newly added ones, for this Saturday’s Turning Point. The Countdown to Turning Point will begin at 9:30 pm EST.

And now, the main event? Who takes home the pinnacle victory in this dream match: The King of Pro-Wrestling or The Walking Weapon?

Minoru Suzuki vs. Josh Alexander

Minoru Suzuki makes it know he is the authority by locking in a tight wristlock that sent Josh Alexander down on the mat. Alexander refuses to let the NJPW legend hold any power over him. Just when Alexander thinks he has it in the bag, Suzuki reiterates his boss-like control by ensnaring a triangle hold. Their match will continue after the final commercial break.

Returning to the break, Suzuki and Alexander are standing on the ramp. Suzuki sends Alexander rolling with a roguish kick. Once they head back into the ring, Alexander eats a side leg shot. Alexander is flat on the mat. Suzuki looks for a pin. Confident, Suzuki believes he won this thing. Not yet! Alexander refuses to lay down and die for Murder Grandpa.

Now, it’s the battle of the chops. Stiff chop and stiff chop only ignite a fire under Suzuki. They switch their approach with forearm smashes. The same results follow: Suzuki stands tall. Alexander starts to fade in the sleeper hold. Alexander finds enough strength to stay alive and avoid a Gotch Style Piledriver. Alexander restrains himself before pulling out the big guns, his ankle lock. He tried it earlier, but Suzuki escaped mere seconds after being held in it.

Alexander held his own and earned the pinfall victory after hitting his C4 Spike. The Walking Weapon has put down The King of Pro-Wrestling!!

Winner: Josh Alexander

– Before Impact concludes, it’s announced that “Wrestle House” will return next week!!

That concludes tonight’s go-home episode. We hope you enjoy Turning Point this Saturday!