New Japan Star makes mLW Debut at Tonight's War Chamber

International standout, Jeff Cobb, made his MLW debut on tonight's presentation of War Chamber. Cobb was the surprise participant added to the Hammerheads (MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, EJ Nduka and Savio Vega).

Under a reincarnated alias of Jeff Cobb's former character in Lucha Underground, Matanza Cueto, Matanza Duran was added to the event by his older brother Cesar Duran, the new matchmaker of MLW. The Hammerheads won their main event matchup against Contra Unit.

Last week, Cesar teased Jeff Cobb's return by dangling in front of Hammerstone's team a key, the same key he used to unlock his brother, who he kept imprisoned since his debut on Lucha Underground in the second season.

The main event bout was the only match Jeff Cobb participated in during the latest TV tapings MLW held earlier this month.

As stated above, Matanza Cueto was introduced partway through the second season of Lucha Underground. During his time there, he became the Lucha Underground Champion and overall victor of Aztec Warfare II. He'd stick with the show up until the series finale of the fourth season, where he was killed off by long-time nemesis Black Lotus (portrayed by Angela Fong).

Currently, Jeff Cobb is involved in Will Ospreay's United Empire stable over at New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He participated in year's NJPW's G1 Climax 31 B Block. He fell to tournament winner Kazuchika Okada in the B Block finals, ending his dominant 8-0 winning streak.

Cobb will appear at CMLL's next scheduled program at Arena Mexico in Mexico City this Friday.