Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* At a hotel room, Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa (sharing a bed) try to get some sleep. Cutler quickly says he can’t and a good story would help. The camera pans to Adam Cole, “you damn right, it’s storytime with Adam Cole, bay bay.” He reads an excerpt from The Young Bucks’ biography. The book is coming out in paperback.

* The Elite get ready for their backstage AEW Dynamite promo.

* Matt Jackson talks about having a rough week after losing at Full Gear, then Omega losing the title. He then talks about another delayed trip to get to the show. He continues that Nick and himself are not even medically cleared to wrestle, are burned out, and haven’t felt like vlogging. Matt notes that bruised heel Nick is dealing with is why he’s out. Matt says his neck “is giving me grief.” People keep interrupting him and he’s just over everything.

* Backstage, Matt and Nick are watching a tag match on Rampage with Cole and Fish vs. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. They wait for the super-secret kayfabe signal to call them out to help.

* Adam Cole heads out of the bathroom to find John Silver and Alex Reynolds again in his bed. He tells them to get out! Cole also hates their shirt of the two kissing him on the cheek. Cole gets madder until they finally leave. He gets into bed, “I hate those guys.” Adam Cole then has a dream where the two of them kiss him on the cheek in bed. He wakes up and goes to switch shirts, only to find it’s the one he hates. Silver and Reynolds return, then laugh at him.

* Ryan Nemeth in the pool, “playing” a trumpet. His buddy, Milk, comes by and tells him he’s gotta stop with the music and move on from his previous relationship. Nemeth says he thinks he came up with a new music genre, since he’s feeling down and playing music, it’s called “the blues.” Nemeth’s buddy says that’s been around forever. Nemeth tries to convince him to join the band. Milk agrees to join and Nemeth keeps on playing.

* Cassidy and Taylor watch Wheeler Yuta get destroyed by Wardlow in a match. Yuta walks in and knows Kris Statlander is behind him, but Rocky Romero ends up choking him out. “I know you’re not the real Trent,” Romero says.

* 2point0 with their “Chew of the week.” They call out Eddie Kingston and tell him he’s not going to take his pain out on Daniel Garcia on Rampage. They get a notice about not defending the BTE Title within 30 days. The duo needs to do so within the next month or lose the title. The note came from Brandon Cutler. The two trash talk Cutler a bit.

* Hotel room, The Elite are in a food coma after eating a ton of stuff they shouldn’t. The group isn’t in a good mood after their losses. They complain about the room size, Cutler lets them know the suites go to the champions. They tell him to shut up! Matt says he’s going to do alcohol for the first time because he’s so bummed out. It’s just root beer. Omega then lets everyone know it’s going to be his last appearance on the show for a while. The former champion is reportedly set to undergo multiple surgeries and be off AEW for a bit. He offers up cheers for better days in the future. Cole gives him a Monster drink as a gift. Omega is hesitant about drinking it.

Cole says it would hurt his feelings if Omega doesn’t drink some right now. Omega decides to take a sip and says he’s relying on Matt and Nick to help him out if his blood sugar spikes. For context, Cole drank a Monster that killed him off years ago. Omega has some and says it’s weird, but he’s kind of happy about Page beating him. He continues that it’s about The Elite’s progression and sometimes not just about him. Omega has some more and starts coughing. “Went down the wrong pipe!” Nick jokes he thought Omega signed with WWE. As the show ends Nick also says “I thought he was gonna die, like Cole did.” “What? What?!” the room responds.