Kevin Owens Calls His Move To WWE Raw “A Fresh Start”

Kevin Owens recently caught up with Planeta Wrestling while promoting the recent WWE U.K. tour. He discussed the current WWE Championship scene and admitted that it would be hard to turn down an opportunity to challenge for the title.


"I really don't know. Obviously, being WWE Champion is something everybody wants to be so if I get an opportunity at it, it would be hard to turn it down," he admitted. "But, you know, one thing at a time. I just started on Raw again recently, so I am not in a rush."

During the recent WWE Draft, Owens was moved over to the red brand. Switching brands is something that has happened to him a lot, but he stated that a fresh start is always a good thing.

"I mean, I've been on Raw many times before," Owens said. "I actually change rosters every year it seems, so I wouldn't say it's a new life, but it's a new start in a way, a fresh start, and that's always good."

Owens has been involved in the tour of the U.K. this month, performing in front of live crowds again across the pond. He revealed that there isn't much of a difference between how things were before the pandemic, which he sees as a good thing.


"I mean, everything is pretty much the same from when we used to come before the pandemic," Owens stated. "The fans are really enthusiastic and really happy to be here, so are the wrestlers. So I think it's just right back to regular business, which is great. Obviously, for a little while we didn't know how the world would change, right? I think everybody was stuck in the same boat. But from the second we came back in September and showed up in the U.K. and saw how excited everybody was, we knew that things were just back to the way it should be."

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