Kevin Owens’ WWE Contract Situation And Former Stable With AEW Stars Referenced On RAW?

There were a few interesting lines during Kevin Owens' in-ring promo on tonight's WWE RAW episode.

Owens interrupted an in-ring segment with WWE Champion Big E and #1 contender Seth Rollins, which was done to set up tonight's non-title main event between Owens and Big E. During the promo, Owens talked about how he gives it all in the ring, and while he can't remember the last time it worked out for him, he will continue to give it his all, whether it's for 3 more months or 3 more years.

It's believed that the "3 more months or 3 more years" line was a reference to Owens' WWE contract expiring.

Owens' pro wrestling future has been up in the air ever since it was revealed that his current WWE contract is set to expire on January 31, 2022.

On a related note, the segment with Owens, Rollins and Big E included an argument over who is the better face of Monday Night RAW. Big E delivered a line where he said, "There can be only one face of Monday Night RAW, this isn't Mount Rushmore."

Fan speculation on Twitter is that this may have been a reference to the PWG stable that Owens was in with AEW stars Adam Cole and The Young Bucks, formed shortly before Owens signed with WWE in 2014. We noted back in early September how Owens and The Bucks both used Mount Rushmore references on Twitter to potentially tease Owens going to AEW when his WWE contract is up.

There continues to be a lot of rumors and speculation on Owens' WWE future, and tonight's RAW promo is adding fuel to the rumor mill. There's been no word on if Owens is looking to re-sign with WWE, but many believe he will leave WWE to join some of his friends in AEW. Owens has not said anything about his plans.

Tonight's RAW main event saw Big E defeat Owens in the non-title match. Rollins interfered to try and cost Big E the match, but it back-fired and Owens took the loss. Owens apologized for Rollins' interference, and challenged Rollins to a match on next week's show, but Big E was not trying to hear it. RAW went off the air after Big E dropped Owens with a Big Ending as Rollins laughed from the stage.

Stay tuned for more from RAW. Below are a few related shots from the in-ring promo and tonight's main event: