During a recent interview with The Cut Pro Wrestling Podcast, former ECW and TNA star Kid Kash sat down to look back at some of the highlights of his career. When it comes to his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Kash says he always got paid for his work but was disappointed when the company was bought out by WWE.

“I never had any negative [experience in ECW] honestly. Whenever we started getting to the point of having money problems, I didn’t see it because it never affected me until I got the phone call. Then it affected me. But once I got the phone call, that was it. There was no more,” Kid Kash said. “I got the phone call to not go to the last few shows that we’re going to be, I think, in Arkansas and a couple of other places. But they called me and told me, don’t worry about going. They’re working on something else and they’re going to get back with me. And then the very next week, of course, I saw Paul on WWE and then got the phone call the next day after that. But like I said, I never didn’t get paid, and when the company went shut, that’s when my paychecks quit coming.”

Kash had plenty of praise for his former boss, Paul Heyman, and mentioned his favorite story involving Paul. Things were apparently getting heated enough between Francine and a woman from a rival wrestling company, so Paul encouraged the ECW roster to get in a legitimate fight with their roster.

“Those stories were true. Paul was a very, very inspirational boss. He could pump up a crowd, especially the dressing room. I remember we were in LA, and I don’t know if you heard about the fight we had with XPW,” Kid Kash stated. “There was another company, Rob Black or something, there was like a porn guy that owned another extreme wrestling company, and they were actually using a few of our guys here and there. And they were running some of our towns, and they were from LA and we went to LA to do a pay-per-view and they got tickets for the front row.

“A big whole deal started with Francine and one of their girls, Lizzie Borden, I think. They got kicked out and they’re all raising hell as they’re leaving, and they get out in the parking lot and we’re all standing in the back, back there, the show kind of came to a little bit of a halt but the matches kept going. And all of us are standing in the back all together and he gives this speech on how, ‘this is our f***ing turf, and this is ECW, and you don’t do that, and we are the extreme. Let’s kick their ass!’

“And everybody without any hesitation, without any questioning, without any whether you were a fighter or not, you ran out that damn door. And we were having a parking lot fistfight, I mean free for all. It was exciting, that’s probably one of the best memories I’ll keep with ECW, just that one particular day, it was just so amazing,” Kash continued. “It was just so amazing to have a whole dressing room just come flying out the two double doors and we were in the parking lot, and we were just beating the crap out of an opposing wrestling company in a parking lot. Cops got called, they broke it up, we came back in and then finished the show. That was ECW.”

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