Konnan Believes Roman Reigns Is “Way More Influential” Than CM Punk

On a recent edition of Keepin' It 100, former WCW star Konnan addressed a Twitter question asking if CM Punk was more influential than Roman Reigns in 2021.

AEW President Tony Khan has cited Bryan Danielson and CM Punk as big parts to why AEW has been doing good business and breaking previous records these past few months. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has taken shots at Punk in a few interviews that he has done. These comments create huge interactions on social media.


Punk's return to pro wrestling at the United Center was a huge moment. However, other fans believe that Reigns' current Universal Title reign has overshadowed that. Konnan discussed who is more influential to the business, Reigns or Punk.

"I think that for one night or one month, CM Punk was," Konnan said. "For the whole year, what Roman has been able to do, increase ratings, increase buzz, maintain a great storyline for over a year with different guys, get an aura about him that only The Rock's probably gonna defeat. I think he's been way more influential."

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