Konnan Recalls AEW Star Telling Him “I Can’t Believe They Hired You”

Konnan was a recent guest on Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show where he spoke about his AEW experience and how he was brought in to be involved in the storyline between FTR and Santana and Ortiz. He spoke in detail about working with the two tag teams and revealed that their feud was ended early due to the injury to Cash Wheeler.


"I loved working with FTR, I loved working with LAX, I was really pumped. I felt really bad because we went to Charlotte and one of them ripped up their arm in one of those corners, he ripped his whole arm up on TV and we had to go straight to TV, and that feud kind of ended."

The former WWE tag team recently captured the AAA Tag Team Championships, which Konnan believes is great for business as it will give them the opportunity to grow in a brand new market.

"It's great for business, it's great to see FTR as I don't think they're too well known in Mexico. They're going to be very well known now, so they're going to come down, that's another market for them to be known in, that's always good. And for AEW to grow, as you know Mexico is a very, very important market. People sleep on them and sometimes even disrespect them, but that's an important market and you've got to know it.  It isn't just because I am popular in the United States I'm going to be popular in Mexico, it doesn't actually work that way. But anyway, that's real good that they're coming down."


Konnan then spoke about the Forbidden Door and how many wrestlers from AAA have been able to work for AEW, as he states that the company's working together is something he likes.

"I like the fact that we've brought talent, you know like Pentagon and Fenix who are now signed to AEW, or Jack (Evans) and Angelico, or Sammy Guevara was here for a little bit. So, it's really cool to see all those people shining in AEW and I'm sure that there's going to be a lot of talent coming over there once they've got their visas fixed. I like the cross-pollination between company's, unlike when I started where no company was working together, none of this was happening."

Finally, Konnan revealed that when he appeared with AEW, an unnamed member of the roster actually questioned why the company had hired him as they felt he was harsh towards the company via his podcast.

"I've actually had a star in AEW come up to me and go, 'I can't believe they hired you here, you shit on us so much.' I go, 'correct. Let me correct you there, I don't shit on you. What's good I put over, and what isn't good I bury, and I do that with Raw too, and SmackDown, not just with you guys.' Anyway, I love AEW and what they're doing and I love the people there, much success to Tony Khan, I love that guy, he's a real cool dude."


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.