Malakai Black Confirms Plans To Expand His AEW House Of Black Stable

Malakai Black spoke with Fulton County Post recently, discussing his House of Black gimmick. He revealed that he does have plans to add more wrestlers to the group, but he insists there is no need to rush.


"Are there plans for it? Absolutely. Can you expect it? I don't know, that's not a decision I can completely make. Is it something I want? Absolutely. I think that the idea of House of Black is obviously when you say, 'a House,' that means multiple people," Black admitted. "A house isn't a house until people live in it.

"There is definitely an idea that I have, more so than I have revealed to even Tony, with the House of Black. But like I said, in due time. Everything comes in steps and we don't want to rush anything, at least I don't want to rush anything," he said. "Everything goes slowly, everything takes its time, everything is methodical. When the time is right, hopefully, you will see some faces appear."


So far, Black hasn't been involved in the championship scene within AEW. However, he made it clear that while that is the ultimate goal, his focus right now is to establish his character.

"I think the goal is always to chase championships. But the goal for me initially is to establish who I am and what I am about. Then the championships will come by themselves," Black stated. "I think everybody knows the caliber of wrestler I am, I think everybody knows the caliber of what I bring to this company. And obviously, the last few months have proven that. If I look at the popularity, if I look at the response to anything that I do, it's been successful. Even at times when things might not have appeared as successful, it still hasn't diminished or damaged anything that I have done within AEW."

Black then went into more detail, stating that people know what he is capable of from his WWE career, or even before that. But he insisted it is up to the fans to push him to be in that top spot.

"The beauty is, of course, there is an entire body of work before AEW and even before WWE, there is an entire body of work. So people know who and what I am, and what I am about," Malakai Black said. "So I think the championships, for any competitor out there, the championships should always be important and always matter. But you want the audience to steer that. You want the audience to tell you when they are ready for you to head into the championship realm."


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Fulton County Post, with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.